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Text Deliver 2 – The First Mobile Autoresponder to help users Get More Clicks, Sales, and Leads

Text Deliver 2 – The First Mobile Autoresponder to help users Get More Clicks, Sales, and Leads

Text Deliver 2 is the first mobile autoresponder and a powerful SMS platform for creating and managing text message campaigns. The producer believes that this is the easiest way to get more leads, clicks, and sales in less than ten minutes.

TextDeliver 2 is an SMS platform application that is used to produce and control text message campaigns that the user can work or exchange without the internet. With this software, you can take all the details about the user progress and products of the business.

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The Key Features of TextDeliver 2:

  • Unrestricted Automated Lists and SMS Campaigns
  • Infinite Subscribers
  • SST (Smart Scheduling Technology)
  • SMS Broadcasts in one click
  • 100 percent CTIA and TPCA Compliant
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Integration Features for easy setup

The user SMS solution that works like an Email Autoresponder is hundred times better than any other autoresponder. It can easily capture, deliver and automate

  • Simple mobile number subscription
  • Capture leads automatically and follow up
  • Infinite marketing campaign funnels.
  • Endless subscriber

TextDeliver keeps the user comfortable with the email autoresponder but not for mobile. Also, the best part is there are no restrictions. The TextDeliver 2 offer custom fields so the user can create and include custom fields to their opt-in forms permitting to hold extra information about each subscriber and creating full contact profile.

Text Deliver 2 provides Schedule-Based Triggers. It allows the user to setup Reminder automatically based on a particular custom field. If the users want to include their subscriber to their Email List, SMS List and register them for the webinar simultaneously, then they can use Text Deliver as it makes it easy to follow up the statement and produce more webinar attendees.

Text Deliver Software also offers a Zapier Integration feature which helps the user understand that the marketers use various 3rd party services to strengthen their business. That is why they include the Zapier that allows the user to exceed any information collected in Text Deliver to more than 500 integrated partners connected to the Zapier. The API feature allows the user to use their API documentation that can list a subscriber to Text Deliver 2. It can also pass customer information from TextDeliver to any third party platform or service using their API Capture Phone Numbers. The website feature allows the marketer drag and drops from constructing tool, which allows the user to build their open mobile list as it captures emails in the old fashioned method.

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With Text Deliver software, the user can create and manage endless marketing lists and campaigns from a single dashboard. This cloud-based subscriber and campaign management loaded with features that allow the user to add, import new subscribers efficiently. It permits the users to manage the customer list, keyword creation, and management and offers several other vital features like automated message sequences, automatic time zone release and detection, and one click broadcast to all or selected subscribers.

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