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The book 100% Life released form New York

The book 100% Life released form New York

NEW YORK, NY – 1 Jun, 2017 – A new book is here to rock the literary world. 100% Life by Rajan Thapaliya is a book unlike any other. Its ability to inspire and heal will change your life. If you want to heal and achieve a better state of existence, then this book is a must-read. If you don’t want to change your life, then put this book down and walk away.

100% Percent Life was published by Lulu Press in Raleigh, North Carolina. Written by Rajan Thapaliya, this book is meant to inspire and encourage people on their path through life. Each chapter is a story of redemption, survival, and gratitude that will melt your heart.

Far beyond the average self-help book, 100% Life is real and raw. It offers frank and candid advice about discovering your purpose in life, becoming happy, and finding love both within and without. It will show you how to cleanse your body and soul for your maximum health, and how to attract the opposite sex. There is even advice about how to deal with life’s ickier parts, such as cheating partners or lack of motivation.

Written in a simple, concise style, you will fly through this book. You won’t want to set it down. When you finally do set down this book after the last page, you will possess all of the tools that you need to make your life amazing. Nothing can stop you now. You will take over your own life and use your own power to excel at life. 100% Life is now available at Barnes and Nobel, Amazon and

Rajan Thapaliya is a motivational, inspirational, and self-help author. He is the author of several books about love, life, and success. He now studies medicine in New York City. Many of his stories and articles deal with life in Nepal or adjusting as an American immigrant.


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