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The Diversion Center Provides Court Approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

The Diversion Center Provides Court Approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

MARIETTA, GEORGIA – 1 Jun, 2017 – Many who end up in trouble for drug posession charges and alcohol related charges sometimes get referred to probation. While this is scary situation for many, this is really blessing in disquise because violators of the law get probation in leiu of jail time.  Alcohol and Drug Evaluations are often ordered by the court or probation officer and sometimes are recommended by DFCS or a criminal defense attorney for alcohol or drug related charges.  

Some may refer to this as an alcohol and drug evaluation class or a drug and alcohol class. But this is is an evaluation not a class. Many may also refer to it as a drug and alcohol assessment or a substance abuse assessment. Alcohol and drug evaluations are ordered to determine if an individual has a substance abuse problem or pattern of high risk choices that lead to problematic negative consequences.

The  Diversion Center aims to provide these evaluations and provide treatment to offenders at a low cost. According to Derek Collins, the CEO of the Diversion Center, the alcohol and drug evalauation reviews the legal, family, social, education, substance use, abuse, and psychological histories of our clients to determine a recommended course of action, non-action, intervention or treatment.

Some charges that will require an alcohol and drug evalaution will include Reckless Driving, Possession of Marijuana, DUI, Public  Intoxication, MIP, Assault, Battery, Family Violence, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Methamphetamines or any other controlled substances.

The Diversion Center provides court approved alcohol and drug evalauations in Marietta, Duluth, and Lawrenceville. They are a state approved treatment provider and offer other court mandated services.

For more information about court mandated alcohol and drug evaluations, classes, and scheduling call the Diversion Center at 404-503-8069.

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