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Inspirational Author Teaches How to Change Lives By Changing Attitude

Inspirational Author Teaches How to Change Lives By Changing Attitude

Best-selling author Ruby Mabry challenges her clients to change their mindset for a happier and more successful life.
By: Zoey Thompson, Feature Writer

In “Moments of Inspiration” international best-selling author Ruby Mabry asks the question, “Can you imagine what your life would be like if you only changed your mindset?”

Orlando, FL – Entrepreneur, CEO, inventor, author, wife, and mother—Brooklyn born Ruby Mabry has worn many titles in her life. She has spent the last decade of her life acting as the Chief Executive Officer for several mental health facilities, all while being sought after as a successful life coach to people who want to improve their lives or their businesses.

She believes that her experiences growing up as a daughter of Haitian immigrants and traveling the world as an Army wife led her towards a different, more open perspective regarding life’s various challenges and changes. “Challenges,” she is often quick to explain, “Are the doorways of opportunity. I wrote ‘Moments of Inspiration’ after the death of my mother because I wanted to share her wisdom and inspire others to live their best life now.  I know from personal experience that when we change our mindset and accept the challenges we begin to lay the foundation of a rich and successful life.”

Her book, “Moments of Inspiration, Thought provoking insights to uplift, impact, and inspire” is her way of inspiring people to rethink old ideas, shift their perspective, and position themselves to obtain success.  She believes that success is a mindset that everyone can learn and grow into. Being successful involves self-reflection, positive motivations, forgiveness of oneself and others, empowerment, and ultimately mental transformation, according to Mabry.

“If I have learned one thing in my life it’s this: Being successful takes action,” says Mabry. “Nothing in life is just handed over to us, when we want more we have to be out there doing more. This is the message of my personal coaching sessions and one of the main focal points of my book. I am trying to get people to focus and then act upon the life they want.”

The book discusses topics like friendships, self-love, and business with candor and truth. It is not a book that lets people off the hook, but challenges them to change their mindset about those fundamental areas of life where they can make the most impact.  She often argues within its pages that to make an impact, people must be willing to go where they are uncomfortable. 

“My philosophy is right there in those pages,” she explains. “I’m telling people that I love my life and I love my life because I was its author. I am responsible for my successes, as well as, my failures and I’m content with that. I gained from my success, I learned from my failures, and I know now what is possible for me to accomplish. I want to use my book to help others get to this point where they can look at their lives and feel content.”

Mabry will be on a book signing tour in support of her international best-seller at the end of June. Locations will be posted on her website

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