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ICCM Co-hosted Workshop to Research and Prepare the Human Ground for Permanent Mars Settlement

ICCM Co-hosted Workshop to Research and Prepare the Human Ground for Permanent Mars Settlement

Melbourne, FL – The permanent colonization of Mars will be more than a mere journey. At the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, leading experts from social sciences and other domains gathered at the Mars Mission Social Sciences Workshop, co-hosted by the Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) and the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute, to discuss and explore the human aspects of inter-stellar travel and immigration.

The workshop, in the presence of Buzz Aldrin, saw cross-disciplinary experts brainstorm, debate and explore challenges related to psychological, sociological and human performance aspects of long term stay on Mars. Each session comprised presentations, panel discussions and brainstorming activities, looking into topics such as human-robot hybrid teams, brain health and restoration of function in space, team self maintenance in long duration space exploration, adaptability, and resilience.

It turned out to be more than rocket science, as the two-day workshop, held on May 30-31, looked into the challenges humans could face while living on Mars, all through the eyes of cutting edge research in social sciences. In attendance were Dr. Richard Griffith, Executive Director, and Dr. Jessica Wildman, Research Scientist Director, ICCM.

“Like many large scale challenges, the Mars mission is too complex for any one organization, or any one nation, to accomplish alone,” said Dr. Griffith. “Cultural competence of the crew and support team will be a key variable in mission success.”

Dr Griffith holds over ten years of experience in executive coaching focusing on international communication. An author of over 75 publications and presentations in the area of personnel selection, he has also conducted funded research for the Department of Defense examining the measurement and training of cross-cultural competence and the development of region specific cultural databases.

“We are hopeful that our research and shared scholarship will allow us to develop ways to improve the probability of making those journeys successful and safe,” Dr. Wildman said.

Dr. Jessica Wildman is a cross-disciplinary expert, holding ten years of experience in international research on culture, trust and teams at the workplace. She has designed and managed international research as a part of a federally funded multidisciplinary university research initiative, and her current research interests include interpersonal trust dynamics across cultures, multicultural work performance, and global virtual team processes and performance.

ICCM, an official research center of the Florida Institute of Technology, is a global resource for organizations to solve cross-cultural issues through research and solutions that real world requirements. Its proprietary Third Eye process is renowned as a tool to lay the foundations for global organizations to be productive at the highest level while reducing risk, operation time and cost. ICCM offers small and large companies a variety of resources such as e-Learning library, workshops, cultural risk analysis and executive coaching, and targeted measurement tools to meet their global requirements.

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