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New Music Album, ‘Fighting Fate’, by Army Veteran Brings Awareness to Mental Illness

New Music Album, ‘Fighting Fate’, by Army Veteran Brings Awareness to Mental Illness

Clarksville, TN – It can be pretty tough being an army veteran, especially for those who are battling the demons within. James Thomas (The Protégé of Music), who was part of Operation Enduring Freedom, battled it out in the field, and has now released his hip-hop and underground rap EP album, ‘Fighting Fate’, to raise awareness of veterans struggling with mental illness.

‘Fighting Fate’ comprises ten lively tracks, including No Sleep, Insanity, Last Glance, PTSD Interlude, and Fighting Fate. The title track is also the name of the movement that James Thomas has launched to offer support for army veterans caught in these predicaments.

It’s hard to believe, but 22 veterans commit suicide every day in the US. ‘Fighting Fate’ gives a voice, an outlet, and opens a window of hope to those caught in the endless loop of thoughts, tribulations, heartbreaks, and their more sinister form, post-traumatic stress disorder.

“This album is dedicated to army veterans using music to break through the stigma of talking about mental illness… because every day, we’re fighting fate,” says James Thomas.

James wrote “Fighting Fate” (22 Too Many) to describe his own struggles with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. As part of the initiative, he is currently selling ‘Fighting Fate’ T-Shirts, whose sales proceeds go towards Active Heroes, a charity working for the cause of suicide prevention and awareness amongst veterans and their families.

Born in Fort Knox, KY, James followed in his father’s footsteps and commissioned into the United States Army in 2008. He went on to serve in OEF (Afghanistan) from May 2010-2011, and moved out of service in 2013. The journey wasn’t devoid of music though, and the words and songs that occupied his mind are now out in the new album.

‘Fighting Fate’ is available at iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify and the Protégé Music website, which has a music player, and the album can be bought there at the original price.

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