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Experts: New Economy will Promote Global Cooperation and Mutual Benefit

Experts: New Economy will Promote Global Cooperation and Mutual Benefit

[WenHui] (reported by Hongkong Wenhui News reporter Li Changhong in Shenzhen)

A summit titled “communication between a global united nations and a series of summit and global new economy summit forum” took place concluded successfully In United Nations Headquarters. This summit was sponsored by Suriname’s permanent delegation to the United Nations. It was hosted by world development fund and undertook and schemed by Porter Group Limited.

There are nearly seven hundred delegators who are Enterprises in Top 500 global companies, delegations of social organizations and government delegations from more sixty contries attended the summit. The leaders from the United Nations have offered advice for the development of the new economy to Potter group Limited. Representatives from all over the world delivered excellent speeches and offered advice and suggestions for the development of a new global economy.

The advantage that New economy development strategy will promote global cooperation is becoming more and more obvious.

Chen ZongJian, who is president of Poter Group Limited (stock code:ULNV), chief designer of Poter Group Limited and economy expert, presented the summit as joint chairman. He talked about how to practice the development of new economy and to achieve win-win cooperation and mutual benefit in a global new economy driven era. He said that under the traditional way of global cooperation and development, too much regional protection emerged from cooperation was formed which resulted in uneven global distribution of resources and larger gap between the rich and the poor.

With the practicing of The Belt and Road, a global cooperation strategy and the development of the new economy trend, the widening gap between rich and poor, the uneven distribution of resources, trade barriers and other defects resulted in traditional regional cooperation will gradually fade away. The advantage that New economy development strategy will promote global cooperation is becoming more and more obvious and resources will be distributed more evenly in the global scope. The underdeveloped areas around the world will get more support in resource allocation and the promotion of the realization of global sharing and win-win cooperation is bound to be achieved.

The development of The Belt and Road is an inevitable result of new economy to promote global cooperation, sharing and a win-win situation. In 2013, Chinese first advocated “The Belt and Road” plan and the 71th session of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution to adopt The Belt and Road and new economy into the United Nations Development programme. So far there are more than 70 countries and international organizations has participated in the construction and more than 30 countries has signed a cooperation agreement. In May 14th this year, The Belt and Road international summit which attracted global attention was held in Beijing and there were 138 heads of countries or government representatives attended the meeting, which shows that among 197 countries around the world, there are 138 countries has joined or planed to join The Belt and Road global cooperation group. This is an unprecedented cooperation.

The Belt and Road bring about global cooperation, sharing and a win-win situation for all countries.

The reason for this phenomenon is that “The Belt and Road” which is a new economic strategy Is a win-win development plan for global cooperation. It aims at complementing each other’s advantages, narrowing the development gap between regions, accelerating the process of regional integration, realizing common development and prosperity for all countries and constructing economic globalization which is open, comprehensive, inclusive financial and mutually benefiting through communication in policy and facility, smooth trading, accommodation of funds and heart to heart communication.

As representative of the famous enterprises in China (stock code:ULNV) and a practitioners of new economy development, Poter Group Limited is willing to contribute its wisdom and strength in the development of new economy provide excellent service for the landing of new economic projects and programs.

For the development of the landing new economic projects and programs, Potter has built a new economic summit platform and is willing to cooperate with the new economic enterprises and institutions all over the world to hold global new economy summit forum, global new economy finance forum, global new economy health forum, global new economy fortune forum, to set up an international high-end dialogue platform which aims at cooperating, innovating, sharing and mutually benefiting for cooperation and development of new global economy. Potter has made a plan to hold a “global leaders of countries summit for new economy countries” in New York in September this year and will invite dozens of country leaders around the world to probe into global new economic cooperation and sustainable development.

In order to promote the landing of new global economy industry, Potter City plans to land its Poter city program which is an independent innovation project all over the world with the faith of world patterned, enterprise centered and mutually benefiting philosophy. Potter City plans a construction of 25 Potter city program project around the global to provide excellent services to the world and realize interconnected enterprises, interconnected markets, interconnected resources, interconnected trade, interconnected economy and interconnected development among enterprises around the globe.

As an important partner of the world development foundation, a listed company in the United States and the organizer of the global new economy summit, Poter City Limited will actively participate in the construction of the new global economy and cooperate with enterprises and institutions all over the world for mutual development, mutual growth and sharing of benefit in the new era of new economy development.

Under the current period of global new economy development and global cooperation along The Belt and Road, Potter group Limited calls for all similar projects to be involved in global cooperation to contribute to the development of the new economy for all countries and regions all over the world and accelerate the pace of global economy development.

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