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Airwheel E6 no-chain Intelligent Folding electric Bike takes different riding experience to riders

Airwheel E6 no-chain Intelligent Folding electric Bike takes different riding experience to riders

Among all kinds of transport vehicles, bicycle is described as flexible and environmental. However, with the time goes, lots of new things emerge and then the advantage of bicycles is hidden. But Airwheel explores its potential again and rolls out the no-chain intelligent e bike E6 which leaves us a new appearance and riding experience.

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Riding vehicles enjoy exceptional advantage. For instance, when the roads are crowded with cars, bicycles can easily get over it and draw you from the traffic congestion. Bicycles seem to disappear gradually without saying goodbye. It is cruel reality for it due to the rapid development in modern society. Occasionally we can see guys organizing cycling club and some people who are fond of remaking bicycles seek fun from it. Apart from the above, most people start to show their interest in the E6 intelligent e bike under Airwheel.

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After self-balancing electric scooter and skateboards, Airwheel strives to explore the riding vehicles like bicycle which can be applied in many occasions. It integrates lithium technology into the mechanical structure and finally and luckily we can have the opportunity to see the smart e bike. E6 smart e bike abandons unnecessary components and highlights the key ability for arousing the attention of market for keeping with the pace.

E6 intelligent e bike 

Based on the aluminum alloy shell, E6 foldable e bike has the simple but elegant appearance and the solid character. Besides, by the more than ten coats of car-level finish craft, it raises its ability of anti-corrosion. Weighing only 14kg, E6 breakthroughs the common parameter range of traditional bicycles and its special X-shape figure facilitates it to be folded since it can be packed up by only poking the pin in the middle of the body together with the folded handrails and pedals. And surprisingly, its saddles made of natural rubber are separately distributed in left and right which is more scientific and reasonable.

E6 foldable e bike 

With the intelligent lithium technology, E6 Smart E Bike can bring users a pleasant riding experience. 300W wheel hub motor produces power continuously and operates quietly. Moreover, EBS control system can output adequate power quickly when receiving orders and ensure the steady operation. Furthermore, double shock absorption system assists to reduce the bumpy feeling.

Airwheel E6 ideawheel will definitely earn your love.

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