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Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd launches advanced machines for transformer & reactor industry

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd launches advanced machines for transformer & reactor industry

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of transformer core manufacturing machines. They offer direct service both the national and international clientele

From the domestic electrical lines to the power stations, transformers play a pivotal role in transferring and distributing electrical signals between circuits. For manufacturing a transformer numerous parts are to be cut, molded and designed to engineering perfection. Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd offers a long line of cutting and designing machines catering to the transformer and reactor industry.

The company has a team for R&D that is responsible for coming up with new concepts and also to perfect existing designs. We are based in China spanning over 28771 square meters in the industrial district of Cangzhou Xianxian and have been in this trade since 2005. They are the first among other in china who developed the transformer core straight cutting machine in the 2005. 2010 marked their calendar with the development of an advanced version of the swing shear machine for mitered operations. In 2011 the company patented and claimed intellectual property rights on our products. Also it was in the year 2012 is the year they got certified as an ISO 9001 company.

swing shear transformer core cutting machine

Emphasizing on technological advancements, we have incorporated state of the art technology, developing transformer parts cutting and manufacturing machines. Their product line up consists of CRGO cutting machines, transformer straight cutting machines, etc. The company’s clientele consists of giants such as Delta, Mitsubishi, Siemens etc. who have put their immense faith in the quality of the products and after sales service we provide. They have also brought out advanced swing shear transformer core cutting machine that is specifically designed for notching, especially v-shaped notches on the laminated silicon steel cores for the transformers.

A specially designed transformer straight cutting machine is developed for cutting the cores of the reactor and also for laminating cores for the transformers at right angles. The products we provide are easy to operate. The control module and the user interface is pre-loaded with multiple languages and is programmable. Our products are of superior built quality is competitively priced.

The CRGO cut to length line machine is operated using advanced PLC and is mainly utilized for punching and molding. The machine is also able to cut silicon steel coil as per preprogrammed C.A.E.D parameters. The information about the products and services offered by the company has been published on their online portal. The website also offers an option to send inquires for preferred products using the various modes of communications.

About Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd offers advanced cutting and punching machines required in the transformer and reactor manufacturing industry. The company is offering its wide range of products to customers from different parts of the world. For more information, please visit the company website.

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