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Qfund Helps Individuals Eager to Provide Critical and Emergency Medical Assistance in Materializing Ideas

Qfund Helps Individuals Eager to Provide Critical and Emergency Medical Assistance in Materializing Ideas

While paying medical bills proves to be a major headache for millions of ailing people and their families around the world, China’s biggest crowdfunding platform Qfund is now focusing on entrepreneurs who are eager to provide innovative critical illness medical assistance.

Qfund, an online fundraising platform that helps individuals and groups reach their specific funding goals, is now more focused on fundraisers who want to work towards advancement of critical illness medical assistance.

Qfund developers have now started retargeting potential champions for good causes through various social media outlets to make it easy for the innovators in North America and China to meet the growing needs of the critical medical care sector within the global healthcare industry. The developers said that they want to take ideas that can impact the lives of millions in a positive way closer to materialization.

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Very recently, Jeff Berens from Arizona was able to raise $5081 in a week to care for her mother Mary Anne’s medical needs and more. The feedback from both Jeff and the donors were very positive, affirming’s user friendliness, strong customer supports, and reliability.

The developers claimed that their aim is now to reach out many such individuals and entrepreneur as well who are trying to make the world a better place for fellow humans but are short of funds. The biggest crowdfunding platform in China now works towards realizing the individual needs of people and integrating resources from many industries. Campaign initiators can exploit the social sharing options to spread the word about their innovative ideas. In addition to that, creating a campaign and collecting donations become quite easy with Qfund, which already has 152 million registered users for a total of 1.89 million fundraisers in China with 344 million donations.

Apart from critical illness medical assistance, Qfund now also offers an integrated crowdfunding platform for innovators who want to raise funds for emergency, education, memorials, animals, faith and many other fields. The company, which is now headquartered in Menlo Park, California, was actually established in Beijing, China in 2014. Qfund International, however, was launched in February 2017, and the crowdfunding platform now serves innovators in twenty countries, including China and North American countries.

About Qfund

Qfund is a top crowdfunding platform that provides bespoke solutions to diverse interest groups and individuals. The global crowdfunding platform now offers 0% platform fee, which helps their users to keep their funds almost in entirety.

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