Phoenix News Desk is a Free Resource to Share Humorous Medical Experiences is a Free Resource to Share Humorous Medical Experiences is a website dedicated to comic experiences in the medical field, and allows medical professionals to contribute material and articles that talk about their funny medical experiences.

June 02, 2017 – The medical profession is a field of compassion, but many humorous experiences are common in the domain. Medical caregivers, such as doctors and nurses, often come across comical situations that stay only with them. is a free, innovative website that offers medical professionals the chance to talk about their amusing experiences in the workplace.

The website is looking for medical caregivers to come forward and contribute material and articles that discuss their own funny accounts of patients, botched up treatment etc through interesting posts. The site was launched in the end of May and offers the opportunity to alleviate stress and safely talk about their experiences without any fear of backlash from the community. Other than medical caregivers, the site also invites the general public to share their humorous accounts of experiences related to medicines and the medical community through funny posts.

It can serve as an online forum for nurses, doctors and other medical professionals to come together and enjoy a stress-free experience. Medical humor is unique, but no website or forum is dedicated exclusively to it. is also available on social accounts over websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where it posts humorous videos, memes and articles that bring the fun out of medical practices and situations.

The amusing posts and articles can make for hilarious reads, as most of them come from medical caregivers themselves. People who do not belong to the medical community can feel amused at the wonderful selection of funny anecdotes and accounts from medical professionals themselves, and share them with their friends on social media.

The website has been set up in 2017, and is privately managed by a company with a small team. This entertainment site is already being appreciated for its innovative theme, and for the unique opportunity that it offers to people in general. The owners like to describe the website as a “comedy prescription” for the stress relief of medical professionals. However, the people behind the site have also kept the platform open for non-medical people or the public in general. Even patients can share their own interesting and funny experiences with others, and have fun using the website.

About is a website where medical professionals can talk about their humorous experiences. Nurses, doctors and other medical caregivers can safely talk about their stories without any worries of repercussions.

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