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Boston Based Firm Is Disrupting the Way We Access Our Medical Data

Boston Based Firm Is Disrupting the Way We Access Our Medical Data

CarePassport empowers patients to take ownership of their health records, medical conditions and treatments.
By: Zoey Thompson

CarePassport brings patient data and provider services together in one single, secure health portal, empowering patients to schedule appointments, check lab and X-ray work and manage their health records.

Boston, MA – CarePassport is empowering patients by bringing their medical data and healthcare provider services together in one single, secure portal so patients can schedule appointments, check lab and X-ray work and manage their personal health records.

Co-Founders Mohamed Shoura, PhD and Chip Truwit, MD, have created CarePassport to empower patients to gather in one location all types of medical data and information. The goal of CarePassport and the CarePassport suite of healthcare apps is to dramatically change perceptions of patient engagement and communications by designing and developing a system based on user experience from both patients and providers.

To create CarePassport, Drs. Shoura and Truwit drew upon their histories of innovation ranging from medical devices to health IT and digital solutions. The two have worked on solutions that help physicians, payors, and healthcare providers to value engineer their services to improve patient care, reduce expense, and improve revenue. Each realized that there was a missing piece to the puzzle, noting that patient engagement lacked a comprehensive approach.  “We wanted to simplify the process for patients,” says Dr. Shoura, “yet also provide value for physicians and other patient care providers.”

“We all use apps for everything today, but penetration into the healthcare market has been limited, adds Dr. Truwit.  Healthcare apps are largely grouped into those that are patient-driven and those that are provided by the health records vendors themselves. Patient-driven apps focus primarily on capturing fitness metrics from wearables and emergency health information, but do not communicate bi-directionally with a patient’s medical records nor with a patient’s medical images. EHR apps are proprietary and clunky and because they are proprietary, they do not communicate well with other EHRs. CarePassport is easily integrated into the workflow of existing EHRs by means of HL7 and the new FHIR protocols. CarePassport’s apps and portals are completely HIPAA-compliant solutions.

CarePassport allows patients to create a secure medical wallet with key information including demographics, insurance, emergency contacts and important health info for emergencies, such as blood type, allergies and medications.

Moreover, the app doesn’t just serve patients. It’s extremely valuable for medical service providers. Dr. Shoura explains that part of the revenue loss experienced by many providers is in missed appointments and over-booking. The app enables people to not only find physicians and labs in their area but also creates calendar reminders for appointments, online check-in, and directions for patients—all of which helps to reduce missed appointments. The payment feature allows patients to pay their co-pays before arrival, thus reducing time and staff effort. Lastly, the company points to the app “finder” feature that also enables a clinic, hospital, or lab to gain access to potential new patients just by participating in the program.

“We’ve encapsulated a patient’s medical journey in one app. Patients can book appointments, download medical materials, authorize family members to view data through secure proxy settings,” explains Dr. Truwit. “And, the CarePassport app is free to patients.”

Mohamed Shoura, Ph.D. is based in Boston and previously founded Paxeramed, Chip Truwit, MD is Minneapolis-based, having previously co-founded and invented the technology for Image-guided Neurologics, which exited to Medtronic in 2005 (MedtronicIGN), and is Chief of Radiology at Hennepin County Medical Center. 

CarePassport and CareRad are available on the App store and Google Play and can be accessed at

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