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Morale Black Technology Amazes AWE, Google Gives LAOZI Cloud Technology A Thumbs Up

Morale Black Technology Amazes AWE, Google Gives LAOZI Cloud Technology A Thumbs Up

After a year waiting, 2017 Augmented World Expo (AWE) unveiled its grand opening at 10:00 June 1 local time at the conference center of Santa Clara, California, America. Hundreds of the top technical enterprises from all over the world took part in this expo, such as Huawei, JD, Samsung, Microsoft, BOSCH, DAQRI, NASA, KOPIN, SCOPE, ODG. This expo, crowded with tides of people, has attracted numerous professionals.

(Entrance of the Conference Center of Santa Clara)

This is the first time Morale Technology has ever participated in AWE; with its product LAOZI Cloud service platform, it has displayed the multi-platform 3D interaction technical results of multiple industries of E-commerce, industry, automobiles, home decorations, design, etc. Foreign enterprises and attendees have come forward in succession to ask about the core technologies, services and relevant cooperation businesses of LAOZI Cloud, showing great interests in the future technical cooperation and expansion of LAOZI Cloud.

(AWE-Technical results experience platform of Morale Technology)

Collide with black technology, Google team give a thumb up to LAOZI Cloud

This AWE is the one clustering with giants and black technologies, UAVs and HUDs, AR golf court, AR sandbox, free roaming VR, multi-players AR games showing their brilliant features. Morale Technology as a Chinese technology enterprise has been attentively researching on underlying technologies of mobile 3D display and interaction and is exceedingly favored at its first show. The globally leading level of multi-platform 3D display and interaction technologies shown at AWE has attracted a big wave of big shots and professionals within the industry, like Google team, to consult and experience, they all giving unceasing praises.

(Morale Technology CTO Xia Xiangyu communicating with Google team)

(Morale Technology CTO Xia Xiangyu explaining for Sony team)

Morale Technology CTO Xia Xiangyu has presented the 3D interactive integration multi-platform solutions of LAOZI Cloud service platform within multiple industries to Google team and introduced the experience of the technical team realizing the mobile display and interaction of 3D digital models. Google team is optimistic about the development of LAOZI Cloud and shares a common ground on mobile VR development. Various traditional industries in the global are urgently expecting that the VR technology would be the “touchstone” and “booster” of its industry. The underlying technologies of 3D interaction would strongly drive the further development of various industries, making major contributions to the development of human society.

(Morale Technology CTO Xia Xiangyu displaying technical results to professionals)

It would be no exaggeration to say that VR is changing our life in an unprecedented speed. Morale Technology is devoted to the research of the underlying technologies of 3D display and interaction to provide technical support for VR and has been advancing the further development of VR within various industries. Its LAOZI Cloud service platform has provided three major core technical services for the enterprise and 3D model workers:

1. 3D Digital Model Compression Technology: A 1G PC model file could be compressed into a minimum of 60MB with the compressibility reaching 6% so that the 3D model could become much smaller in a fast speed and a scientific method and its effects and performance on the mobile terminal can be ensured by setting the elastic parameters.

2. Optical Efficiency Algorithm Cross-Platform Recovery Technology: Restore the refraction, shadow, diffused reflection, inverted image to the largest degree and the like of the light, making the optical efficiency on the mobile terminal equal to that on the PC-side.

3. Distributed Panorama Baking Technology: To centrally bake senses and render monomers in a distributive way via cloud, making effects outputted in real time and reducing the spending on mobile resources to the maximum limit, by which realizing the effect of what you see is what you get.

Morale Technology has brought three globally leading technologies into this AWE, which could be seen as a representative of Chinese technology who has performed its show on the international stage. Currently, relevant foreign enterprises have shown great attention to the AR & VR market of China, and to the development of the LAOZI Cloud service platform of Morale Technology, which is a reflection of the fact that the discursive power China has is increasingly significant in the AR & VR field.

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