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ZLINE Bunker Systems Announces Release of Premium Quality Cost Effective Bunker Kits for Golf Courses Worldwide

ZLINE Bunker Systems Announces Release of Premium Quality Cost Effective Bunker Kits for Golf Courses Worldwide

Golf course developers understand the challenging, hard work that can go into creating the perfect bunker. ZLINE Bunker Systems are answering the call, with the recent release of their expertly designed, cost effective, extremely durable bunker liner, quickly winning praise for its absolute dependability in creating first class bunkers that blow away expectations.

HOUSTON,TEXAS – 3 Jun, 2017 – There’s no doubt at all that the golf course bunker is a big part of the game of golf, both in its visual appeal and when it comes to strategy and tactics.  Industry professionals in golf course construction and maintenance for over 25 years ZLINE Bunker Systems founders have developed what we feel is the best performing and most affordable solutions when it comes to providing the bunker liner kits needed to make sure golfers have the best experience possible playing on courses that use their products.  In exciting news, ZLINE Bunker Systems are more advanced than ever, using the latest patent pending industry breakthroughs to provide not just a better and easier to install bunker liner product, but also one that is being made available at quite an attractive price point, giving golf courses worldwide the ability to provide sustainable quality bunkers and protect their long-term investment.  Needless to say, excitement is high!

“We are excited to offer what we feel is the dollar for dollar best performing and best value bunker liner system on the market. The price point and quality of this product will give golf courses the ability to install a product that can deliver a return on their investment in a shorter timeframe, while benefitting from the long-term sustainability and protection this product offers.” Jacquelyn Avila, Business Manager  Zline Bunker Systems

A key difference the company presents is a custom designed liner manufactured out of a special blend of material that has proven itself to be a perfect fit for the task.  One of its major aims is to keep golf course owners’ expenses low, through its rugged nature that can withstand both the elements and the tests of time. Depending on the design of the course ZLINE Bunker Systems generally recommend one of two options.

The first is a premium High Line option expertly engineered to hold sand on a slope of up to 33-degrees and to do its best to retain the sand during unfavorable weather conditions of all kinds.  The High Line liner features special crafted synthetic tufted fibers of different lengths, which serve to allow internal movement of water, while keeping the sand itself retained where it needs to be, preventing the need for colossal cleanups.  The holding capability of the High Line choice has been well reviewed and comes complete with a ten-year warranty.

The second popular option from ZLINE Bunker Systems, is the Straight Line system, designed to deliver the same holding power of the premium choice up to around 20-degrees.  Using a different manufacturing process, the company can offer this option at a significantly lower price point and still backs it with an enthusiastic eight-year warranty.

Potential clients considering which option would best meet their needs are encouraged to contact the highly motivated and knowledgeable team of ZLINE Bunker System Professionals who are always more than pleased to discuss a project and lend advice when needed.

Both choices deliver common benefits highlighted by things like: greatly assisting holding sand on the slopes; delivering a stable bunker edges and a bunker floor;  delivers serious protection from both machines and golfers; extends the drainage lifespan and much, much more.

“With our yearly rainfall average over 70 inches the last few years, we needed a bunker liner system that could handle heavy rain events and reduces labor costs. ZLine Bunker Systems was our solution. Amazed by the performance and affordability of this product.”

Todd Stephens, CGCS
Tour 18 Houston Superintendent 

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