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Outsourcing Your Investments to an OCIO – What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Your Investments to an OCIO – What You Need To Know

PRINCETON, NJ – 5 Jun, 2017 – A recent publication from The Concord Advisory Group (Princeton, NJ) takes an in-depth look into hiring and overseeing an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO).  The publication offers insight into lesser-known pitfalls of retaining an OCIO while providing detailed information regarding the necessary steps one should take in vetting an OCIO firm, whether being done in the hiring process or the review process.

An excerpt:

As in any competitive specialty in the financial service industry, much of the intense marketing of OCIO services in recent years has involved selling a concept buttressed by claims of differentiation that carry varying degrees of accuracy. Yet as fiduciaries, boards must take care to verify the reality of what they are buying —knowing what questions to ask and what information to demand regarding best-practices adherence and performance data. To do this, they need to become familiar with the marketing-versus-reality practices in this emerging sector.

The information is insightful and invaluable for Investment Committee Members, financial officers, or anyone responsible for institutional investment assets.

Company Information:

Concord has focused exclusively on delivering non-discretionary institutional investment advisory services since its founding in 1988. Concord’s OCIO oversight services have grown steadily over the past 10 years, placing the firm in a leadership position in the industry.  The firm’s 100+ clients include health care organizations, endowments and foundations, religious organizations and insurance and corporate entities.  Concord’s conflict-free consulting work centers on process-driven guidance (proactive rather than reactive) regarding governance, strategy and execution, with vigilance for cost control and unrelenting attention to risk management.

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