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Open Automation Software introduces OAS IoT Gateway

Open Automation Software introduces OAS IoT Gateway

Open Automation Software has unveiled its IoT Gateway product, a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution for industrial applications. The Denver-based company’s most recent round of product development demonstrates the company’s innovative approach to IoT Gateway software design.

What is the OAS IoT Gateway?

At its core the OAS IoT Gateway enables fast and highly reliable device-to-device communications and device-to-cloud communications. In addition to the standard features of an IoT Gateway, OAS includes innovations not usually expected in this class of product. Automated setup, fully built-in direct driver interfaces, multi-threaded processing and a comprehensive .NET and Web development framework for creating HMIs and data visualization are just the start.

Features like these make OAS a clear choice for businesses looking to build or enhance their IoT and for software vendors looking to develop IoT solutions for their customers.

OAS IoT Gateway in action at Xamarin Evolve

The versatility and power of OAS was on show at Xamarin Evolve 2016. IT consulting firm Avanade chose OAS to create a demonstration system connecting Allen Bradley controllers with Microsoft Azure and Android devices.

OAS was Avanade’s preferred IoT Gateway because ass Avanade developer Ben Reirson states “Open Automation Software has been around in this space since before they called it IoT Their software monitors nuclear reactors on US submarines and can  can my run  millions of data points per second. So, really powerful stuff.”

The OAS IoT Gateway’s ability to liberate data from proprietary formats plus its support for cross-platform application development using OAS Portable Class Libraries further sets it apart from competitors.

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OAS a solution to complex IoT networking challenges

With the OAS IoT Gateway, data is processed at the source so there is no data loss in the event of network failure. OAS also provides multiple communications options for handling low or intermittent bandwidth scenarios. OAS Gateways can connect in multiple networking arrangements including highly secure one-way communication.

Build your own IoT Infrastructure

Businesses using OAS can start creating their own industrial IoT and host live data at source using a basic Windows PC. OAS is an ideal choice for creating the application layer of your IoT, either by itself or in conjunction with other applications and cloud providers. The OAS licensing model means customers only pay for features they need.

Data Quality a Priority for IoT

Quality data, delivered quickly and reliably to its destination, is the foundation of any effective monitoring, control and decision-making system. The OAS IoT Gateway provides the most secure and robust solution available for creating your IoT.

OAS offers a 30 day fully functional free trial so businesses can fully evaluate the flexibility and power of OAS. The product is backed by a worldwide team of sales and engineering staff who can consult with customers on planned projects.

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