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Zion Recovery Center Promotes Faith Based Healing For Recovering Addicts

Zion Recovery Center Promotes Faith Based Healing For Recovering Addicts

Eagle Mountain, UT – A leading addiction recovery center in Utah, Zion Recovery, has taken a different approach to rehabilitation, putting the basis of their program in faith. The clinic’s unique recovery program combines proven treatment methods used by top clinics around the country with the healing power of basic gospel principles in order to help their patients achieve and maintain sobriety in their lives. This approach works for many recovering drug and alcohol addicts, but is not always the basis of treatment programs from such facilities. Zion Recovery Center of Utah believes that it is important for patients to create a strong support network of professionals, family, and faith in order to reach sobriety.

“We are pioneering rapid and true healing in the industry and revolutionizing the way in which treatment for addiction is conducted,” explains one representative of the treatment center. “We are able to offer options that larger facilities cannot, including small group therapy sizes, impressive long term results from our combined inpatient and outpatient program, and extravagant outings and recreational activities, all based around traditional and faith-based healing procedures. We also stand by this method of treatment by offering a free reintroduction for those patients who find that they are unable to maintain their sobriety following our inpatient and outpatient regimen.”

Zion Recovery Center understands that simply removing the abused substance does not cure the user of addiction. The treatment facility offers a number of treatment options and programs that allow addicts and their families to treat the underlying causes of addiction. Zion keeps their group sizes small (5 individuals for inpatient and 10 for outpatient groups) in order to foster a safe and trusting environment that allows patients to speak out about their addiction, share insights, and get to the bottom of their drug and alcohol usage. Rather than spending time teaching addicts about the dangers of drug abuse and substituting professionally guided therapy for AA meetings, Zion uses professionally trained and certified Master Level clinicians who meet with patients in groups and individually throughout the treatment process.

The staff at Zion Recovery Center are constantly updating their treatment methods for each patient, often on a daily basis, in order to make sure that each patient is getting the best treatment for their addiction. Because the clinic works on a faith-based approach, they have been able to use the healing power of religious atonement in order to further connect with their patients and ease them on the path to creating a healthy, addiction free lifestyle following their stay at Zion. By approaching addiction in a faith-based and evidence backed method of treatment, Zion Recovery Center helps their patients to reach and maintain sobriety through a strong support system.

Zion Recovery Center is located at 4682 East Foxwood Drive in Eagle Mountain, Utah (84005).

The recovery clinic can be reached by phone at (385) 207-2029, or from their website,

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