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Crystal Orb: The Revolutionary Nanomaterial Water Clarifier Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Crystal Orb: The Revolutionary Nanomaterial Water Clarifier Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

The Perfect Solution to keep Water Crystal Clear & Healthy for the Fish in any Aquarium with Patented Nano-Material to Suppress Microbes!

Crystal Orb is a life-changing solution to purify water in containers and aquariums like never before. It is the first application of this patented nanomaterial (US 9574136 B2) in ornamental culture and the creators are now seeking support for it on Kickstarter via crowdfunding from the community.

The unique water clarifying features of Crystal Orb will benefit hobbyists, culturists and aquarium owners and it will also help them get rid of the harmful chemicals and other products that they have been using in the past to clean water. Moreover, it will not only save their precious Time but they will also save a great deal of Money.

Crystal Orb adapted the nanomaterial that maintains its physical form while under water. The device creates a ‘sterile zone’ that eliminates all single cell organisms upon contact and thus, naturally purified water. With water flow and physical filtration, the entire water body can be sterilized and dead cells will be removed and the water will be absolutely clean and harmless for the aquatic life.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers pledges ranging from $5 to $150 with rewards as high as 5 units of Crystal Orb itself.

About Crystal Orb

Crystal Orb is a patented solution to naturally purify water from all kinds of impurities, particularly the microbes and other unicellular organisms. The device works on Nano-technological principles and has been tested as one of the most effective ways to clear water. The creators are now seeking public support on Kickstarter and everyone is welcome to back this project.

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