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Mystery behind ‘The Coldest Water’ Bottle Revealed

Mystery behind ‘The Coldest Water’ Bottle Revealed

Naples, FL – The mystery behind the Coldest Water Bottle, which actually keeps ice cubes almost frozen for a whole 36 hours is finally out. Recently featured on ‘Business Insider’, the water bottle measures up to its promise with some perfect technology and manufacturing to keep water chilled longer than any other similar product.

Branded as The Coldest Water, this super durable, easy to clean and leak free water bottle is making waves for all the right reasons, garnering thousands of positive reviews and five star ratings on its Amazon page. The real secret behind how the Coldest Water bottle keeps fluids chilled for so long lies in its quality make and materials.

The Coldest Water Bottle is vacuum insulated with double walled, premium grade, 18/8 true stainless steel. Originally designed for top athletes and high performers, the bottle makes for an easy to carry and hold companion for hikers, cyclists, runners and all outdoor enthusiasts. The 21 oz. bottle fits most of the cupholders and backpacks, and can even float in water. Compared to other bottles, the best insulated Coldest Water bottle also scores on its price.

“It’s been with me in room temperature the whole day, and I accidentally spilled it on me and thought it was the ice bucket challenge all over again,” said a recent reviewer.

Unlike its competition, which is heavily marketed, overpriced and fails to keep water chilled long enough, the Coldest Water bottle fulfills its promise. No wonder athletes find it surprising, for they still find ice in the bottle two days after filling it up. The Coldest Water bottle is completely leak free, can accommodate large ice cubes, and does not sweat.

“Whether you need a gym bottle, bike bottle, or the best sports bottle, this bottle is built to be your last bottle,” said David Ribeiro of the The Coldest Water.

The Coldest Water started out from Naples, a small town in Southwest Florida. The company builds products that meet the twin standards of beauty and superior technology. In 2017, the Coldest Water bottle was ranked #1 water bottle by ‘Business Insider’.

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