Phoenix News Desk Steadily Grows as a Resource for Physician Assistant Jobs Steadily Grows as a Resource for Physician Assistant Jobs

Saint Louis, MO – The medical world has always been incredibly competitive. With technology ever expanding and the position expectations steadily increasing from graduated class to class, it is challenging to employ the best individuals. Recruiting is a pain and it is hard to find time to keep a leg up on the best hired hands. It can be equally as difficult to find these positions even though it seems the market is inundated with options. There has long since been a need for a way to bring together those looking for positions and those posting them. is both a recruitment and sourcing tool that the market has been vying for. It is specifically designed to provide facilities of medical nature a real hiring advantage and a real return of investment as well as give those seeking jobs, an easier way to make connections.

There are many physician assistant positions constantly opening that require vigilance to keep up with but Practice Match makes this easier. Based out of St. Louis, they have proven to be a real industry leader in providing improved resources for health organizations. Their innovative attitude shines through on their site. Methods to post available Physician assistant jobs are findable under the Employer’s tab along with many other useful tools. There are sourcing options, informative articles and even schedules about job fairs. This company works hard to keep up with hosted job fairs to ensure many opportunities to create connections. Getting the most advanced practitioners in the industry is no longer a struggle with these resources.

Inversely, locating physician assistant positions as someone seeking employment has become easier with this hub too. Although this company is mostly known for best matching physicians with good employers, they have pleased hundreds of applicants by helping them find the best medical focused placement. The continuum of resources for seekers is just as focused as it is for job posters.

One physician assistant that spent all his time trying to find a new position found things much simpler with the help of Practice Match. “I felt almost hopeless, with so much to look at it was so disheartening. Once someone showed me Practice Match, I found a physician assistant position at the first job fair,” he said. This is not the only success story either—great matches are reported daily. With an easily navigated interface and useful tools, it’s no wonder Practice Match has been raising the standard.

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