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Twelfth Round Auto Launch Event – A New Auto Maintenance and Repair Website for Car Owners

Twelfth Round Auto Launch Event – A New Auto Maintenance and Repair Website for Car Owners

Oregon, United States – For many, an ideal Saturday night consists of pulling that little black dress from the closet and blowing steam from the week they have had at the hottest bars and restaurants. For others, it is about being beneath 4,000 pounds of metal, asking their best mate to pass them a wrench and instead they passover an ice cold beer. There are those who get an adrenaline rush from running 40 yards and scoring the winning touchdown. Then you have those who get their rush from hearing, “Racers, start your engines!” At that point, they cannot tell if their heartbeat or the engines are louder as they compete against one another.

For those who love spending time down at the track or fixing up a 67’ Ford Mustang in the garage, Twelfth Round Auto is a consumer’s go to guide for all things locomotive from car maintenance to auto accessories. For those individuals who are not sure where to begin, the websites content is categorized. The categories include exterior, gadgets, tools, under the hood and wheels and tires. Following the categories, there will be an extensive list or articles pertaining to that specific category. For example, an individual will come across reviews for the best jack stands or the best car wax products of 2017 under tools. If a consumer is searching for the best OBD2 scanner on the market or the top remote car starters, they could navigate Twelfth Round Auto or simply select the gadgets category located at the bottom of the webpage.

Once an individual has successfully located what they are searching for, they simply click the article of interest and they are navigated to a page that pertains all the information they need to know. Twelfth Round Auto centralizes the pros and cons of the top locomotive products on the market. They inform their consumer’s about the benefits and the general overview of a particular product before comparing price and efficiency.

Twelfth Round Auto is a great place for those who have a passion for motor oil and vehicles or those who are looking for a quick fix! They provide consumers everything they need to know from the best products on the market to tips to extend their vehicles longevity. Before a consumer’s next automotive tools and equipment purchase, they are encouraged to check Twelfth Round Auto first.

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