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NGP Announces State-of-The-Art Machine-Assisted Cannabis Trimming Service Saves Time & Money by Trimming up to 100 LBs Per Day!

NGP Announces State-of-The-Art Machine-Assisted Cannabis Trimming Service Saves Time & Money by Trimming up to 100 LBs Per Day!

LOS ANGELES, CA – 6 Jun, 2017 – National Grow Processors (NGP) NGP Announces State-of-The-Art Machine-Assisted Cannabis Trimming Service that saves the high-volume cannabis cultivator time & money by trimming up to 100 pounds per 10 hr day.

Most large-scale growers are experiencing a production bottle-neck delay at the trimming process and NGP has developed the latest high-tech dry trimming solution that improves efficiency while gently trimming the flowers and delivering confetti-cut trim for use in concentrate manufacturing and a super-fine trichome dust that has numerous uses and tests more potent than traditional kief.

Their whisper-quiet machine reduces security risks, product theft and never stops to chat with co-workers!

NGP’s machine assisted trimming service provides all of the accuracy and attention to detail that was only available previously from hand trimming at a fraction of the cost and time traditionally needed for trimming. NGP also saves you the hassle and liability of working with hand trimmers. National Grow Processors is completely mobile operation servicing cultivators, cooperatives and residential customers onsite at their location. Trimming is performed by a factory certified Trim Master, trained on National Grow Processors specific machines to generate optimal output and maintain the highest level of quality.


  • They will come to your location and process up to 5 pounds at no charge
  • The peace and quiet of the machine lets the rest of the operation run without noisy interruptions
  • Processes THREE sellable products: delicate flowers, confetti-cut trim for concentrate production, trichome dust
  • Up to 50% Reduction in Hand-Trimming Costs Overall
  • Up to 100 pounds processed in 10 hours
  • Safety, Security, Discretion

About NGP:  

National Grow Processors (NGP) provides the highest performing machine assisted trimming service on the market. Our mission is to elevate industries with next generation technologies and best in class service. We believe there is always a better, faster and more efficient way to get things done

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