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No Dollar Razors, Simple Man has been labeled A Hero in the Male Grooming Space

No Dollar Razors, Simple Man has been labeled A Hero in the Male Grooming Space

Simple Man partners Shawn Ericsson and Justin Christman have created the next Dollar Shave Club for men’s grooming products.
By: Zoey Thompson, Beauty Editor

Two top salon owners in the Mid-West deliver their own line of tried, tested and loved salon quality products for the time-pressed male.

Sioux Falls, SD – Subscription services have become one of the hottest e-Commerce trends. The Dollar Shave Club took the male grooming world by storm for their convenient and cost-effective razor subscription service. Their early success prompted Gillette and other razor suppliers to jump into the market. Where there are razors, there needs to be grooming products and Simple Man is the hottest new subscription service for men, offering male grooming products for hair and beards. Quality, convenience, and culture is what Simple Man is about, according to the owners Shawn Ericsson, Justin Christman, and Betsy DeWit.

“My interest in the male grooming market began back when I would go with my wife to her beauty salon to get my hair cut,” says Ericsson. “I began thinking it would be nice to have the pampering of a ‘beauty salon’ but with a more male-focused theme. I pulled some investment money together and opened my first salon. The Man Salon was almost instantly successful and it got me thinking about this untapped market. With more men growing beards and getting actual hairstyles instead of it just being cut I took a gamble that they would be interested in this type of subscription service.”

That was the gamble that Ericsson brought to Christman and DeWit. As the owner of The Man Salon chain he knew what products sold, and as a subscription service customer himself he also knew that men were more than willing to skip the store and get their products through the mail.  This simple concept has now exploded into a full product line delivered right to the customer’s door.

“I’d say our most popular product right now is either the body balm or the beard balm,” says Ericsson. “The body balms have had amazing results with dry, cracked skin especially hands and feet.  But given that beards are now such a huge trend, we probably get more queries about the beard products. Our beard balm has a unique and well received scent and we believe it’s just awesome for conditioning skin and hair.”

Simple Man sells a plethora of bundles in various fragrances like tea tree and lavender. The bundles are designed for monthly use and for travel and are put together in packages of hair, face, and body. When asked what separates their brand from others, he was quick to discuss state the quality of the products, “salon quality” products at drugstore prices.  “We’re able to save them money by avoiding the store altogether,” says Ericsson. “So far people love our products, the feedback is good, and we’re getting more and more people who want to represent us.”

The Simple Man offers a full line and a one-stop-click-and-shop approach with customers, offering products from the shower, sink, to the mirror.  The products have been tried and tested by customers and industry professionals for years and are now available to the masses in a quick convenient buying manner.

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