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Smiling Times, a newly founded original T-Shirt design platform curated to provide much more than just a positive saying laid atop of eye-catching and stylish apparel products today, recently launched its infectious socially-conscious brand for spreading its message of love, empathy, and unity with as many people as possible from around the world.

Originally founded in 2013 as a positive news media outlet that was geared towards making people smile more often, the platform quickly revolutionized to provide a new kind of support after founder, Nelson Santos, embarked on a journey to travel the world while helping those in need.

“As someone who has always been committed to spreading love and compassion, I felt called to travel the world and connect with as many individuals as possible,” said Nelson Santos. “Having completed my own journey of losing over 70 pounds to achieve a healthy weight starting in 2009, I know that any type of journey is possible for individuals who feel loved and supported along the way.”

Since his transformation, Smiling Times now plays host to Women’s and Men’s T-Shirts that are strictly designed to inspire happiness and smiles. Additionally, the site is also a volunteering portal, set up to inspire other site visitors to get out there and go volunteer with a nonprofit organization doing good in the world. For those interested in answering the volunteer call, there is an option to sign-up for overseas volunteering right from the platform. It is completely free.

You can visit the facebook group Volunteer Overseas Seas for free

To date, Smiling Times has worked with a number of charities and volunteering organizations. Partners with the platform include Paws Bangkok, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Skillcenter Chiang Mai, Wild Flower Home, WVS Care For Dogs, Clean Himalayas, Seva Kitchen, Transition Projects Clark Center, Free Geek, Gastineau Humane Society, Hospice of Haines, and Potluck in the Park.

By purchasing a Smiling Times T-Shirt, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to any one of the partnered NGOs listed above.

“The sale of our t-shirts generates earnings directly support our volunteering work around the world,” said Nelson Santos_. “At the same time, we hope to raise enough awareness and buzz about what we are doing so other organizations can collaboratively work together with us on fighting against poverty and suffering. Spread the word on our mission here at Smiling Times, and head on over today to get started with new T-Shirts, volunteering, or donating.”

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Contact Person: Nelson Santos
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