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Beyond Consulting taking companies to newer heights with immediate Energetic Breakthroughs

Beyond Consulting taking companies to newer heights with immediate Energetic Breakthroughs

Denver based Beyond Consulting is helping businesses to achieve immediate energetic breakthroughs and higher competitive edge fast with unique intuitive healing.

Denver, CO – June 6, 2017 – Leading celeb consultant Michael Grizzard was having serious energy blocks for some time that were badly affecting his illustrious career. He tried several techniques to get rid of the blocks but nothing worked – until he met intuitive healer Amazing Robyn of Beyond Consulting. It was just one session and everything fell into place immediately. Not only Michael was relieved from multiple blocks in no time but his business also took to a greater high with volumes of money flowing in just like a sweet dream. 

“I would HIGHLY recommend Amazing Robyn. Just one session with her helped me to realize my dreams easily and at a way higher rate. You cannot miss out on a session with Robyn.” – Grizzard was all praise for Amazing Robyn and Beyond Consulting.

You will hear the same adulation in the voice of Frank Shankwitz, the visionary creator and founder of the famous Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

“Wow… I have not experienced something like this ever. Go to Beyond Consulting when you are aspiring to stand out in the crowd,” noted Frank while explaining his experiences with Robyn and Beyond Consulting.

Located at Denver, Beyond Consulting is the first company ever to extend energy work and intuitive healing for businesses. It has proven to provide immediate 360 shifts and Energetic Breakthroughs for companies right from the first session. Beyond consulting offers a wide range of services for the overall development of a business – including one-on-one coaching, career coaching, company assessment, business consulting, executive coaching and sales team coaching. 

“We are not your regular consulting firm. What makes us unique is that we provide intuitive healing for businesses to help them attain a competitive edge in the market. We help you to release your mental blocks that are barring you to proceed forward and you will feel the difference right after the first session with us. Our members have developed myriad spiritual gifts and are powered with a superior intuition sense. Couple it with the vast range of skill sets that we have acquired through our extensive business experiences, continuous training and education from around the globe. When you have Beyond Consulting by your side, you know there is something completely different waiting for you”, stated Amazing Robyn, the President & Founder of Beyond Consulting.

A veteran intuitive healer with specialty in quantum Physics, Robyn has been into business development and alternative business consulting for 15+ years. She is also a leading public speaker, mentor, a successful entrepreneur who usually has her projects featured in esteemed media outlets like CNN, BBC, Discovery etc. Her company Beyond Consulting caters to companies and individuals worldwide.

“We work with principles of quantum physics, frequencies and mathematical codes which has helped us to come up with 5000+ energetic remedies for companies, individuals and governments. We perceive everything energetically, financially, physically, mentally and structurally. Such a broader perspective enables us to effectively pinpoint the potential and channelize to route to success. We test all things at their energy level and check and measure everything energetically – be it marketing plans or websites, or leadership or life force,” she added in.

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