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SpeedyDoo Delivers Laughs Instead of Flowers in Creative Way

SpeedyDoo Delivers Laughs Instead of Flowers in Creative Way

Flowers and chocolate don’t convey disapproval, SpeedyDoo does in a comedic manner.

SAN DIEGO, CA – 6 Jun, 2017 – When someone is nice they receive flowers or chocolate. What is sent when someone is a jerk? For too long mean people have gotten away without any recognition of their actions. SpeedyDoo is an anonymous gag gift delivery program that aims to alert rude people to their actions in a funny manner.

SpeedyDoo is the “anti-flower” or “anti-chocolate” that can be sent to a friend, co-worker, or total stranger (all you need is an address). Recipients of the rubber dog poo, shipped in a nice tin with cartoon dog on it, are asked to visit to find out why they received this special surprise.

Recipients could range from cheating spouses, rude co-workers, or poor service workers at your favorite food establishment. SpeedyDoo has seen orders go out to professional sports athletes, names redacted to protect the rude players, such as players of the NBA, NFL, PGA, NCAA and MLB to name a few. Who receives the rubber doo resting on artificial grass is all up to you – boss, co-worker, even a sports team owner. SpeedyDoo covers them all. The beauty of the package is that 100% of the time the receivers have read why they got it.

The way the recipient is alerted to their wrong doing is via a blog post written by the SpeedyDoo team. Receivers visit the blog, types in their zip code and are able to read about why they received the gag gift. Please note, SpeedyDoo will not reveal names nor write anything threatening or in poor taste to recipients. SpeedyDoo is a fun gag service and should be treated as such by all participating parties. SpeedyDoo tries to help make light of bad situations by giving mean people a pile of doo in your honor.

In internal studies, SpeedyDoo shows support with the 18 to 35-year-old, fairly 50/50 gender demographic, market. SpeedyDoo is a unique gag gift that no one realizes is needed till it is received.

Upon request, SpeedyDoo executives can be available for key discussions with radio and television personalities on their programming.

SpeedyDoo is currently operating via the company website and a special IndieGoGo campaign offering exclusive rewards for backers. This service is meant for comedic reasons and all information provided by customers will be used to that end. We do reserve the right to change content accordingly to fit our guidelines as a gag service intended to bring smiles and laughter to lives of those involved (as long as they are not a stick in the mud).

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