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Introducing Good Books™… Powering Small Businesses with Profit-Enhancing Bookkeeping Services

Introducing Good Books™… Powering Small Businesses with Profit-Enhancing Bookkeeping Services

OVERLAND PARK, KS – 6 Jun, 2017 – Good Books™ ( is a new bookkeeping service that brings the power of numbers together in a unique way for small businesses and backs it up with expert business intelligence.

“Nobody gets good books because they’re typically done just for taxes,” explained Good Books co-founder and CEO, Shannon Corley. “We do something nobody else does. We give our clients books that actually mean something. They no longer have to wait to review a P&L statement 45 days after the fact. Now they’re using their books to manage the business, which has a powerful impact on the bottom line.” 

The Good Books team uses a technology they created to deliver clean books in a fraction of the time. This lets small business owners and managers see where the profits and losses are quickly, and how they can make decisions to adapt in real time.

“After working in institutional accounting and small business bookkeeping for decades, I worked for years to simplify what had become a complicated, costly, and time-consuming process,” added Corley. “I worked with my partner, Jason, and we developed a technology that we can use to easily replace popular bookkeeping and accounting systems out there but also one that simplifies the process of bookkeeping so it’s quicker and delivers a very easy-to-read, timely set of books.”

In addition to providing financial statements that look like they were prepared by an experienced CFO, the Good Books team learns about a client’s business, then applies in-depth management experience and business know-how to offer insights that can help improve overall performance. 

“When we do the books we give the business owner the best view he or she has ever had so it’s easy to see what’s happening, cut costs, and make management decisions much more quickly,” concludes Corley. “This has powerful results for our clients, many of whom see an immediate, positive impact on performance. Then we back that up with business advice that helps create more opportunities. And if our clients ever get audited or need a loan, our work makes that process much more simple because they have the cleanest set of books around.”

About Good Books

Good Books was founded in 2016 in Overland Park, Kansas, by Shannon Corley and Jason Harrell. They combined their collective experience in institutional bookkeeping services and information technology to create Good Books. The Good Books system differs from others because it is built to integrate with external applications and systems and is designed to be used by third party professionals instead of non-accountant end-users.

The team used their decades-long business, bookkeeping and accounting experience to develop the Good Books technology, which allows for the simplification of business bookkeeping and accounting while integrating with current popular systems. Prior to developing Good Books, the pair founded, grew and sold a number of businesses, including Planet Alumni, a social networking platform that predated  Facebook, and iModules, an alumni engagement and fundraising platform.

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