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Empowerment Platform Poised to Become the Leading Website for Women

Empowerment Platform Poised to Become the Leading Website for Women

As eLearning and online entrepreneurship becomes more popular, one online community, Women Enlightened and Economically Empowered (WEEE) is poised to become the next number one resource for women.

FORT WASHINGTON, MD. – WEEE was founded on the principle of uplifting, inspiring, guiding and cheering women on to creating their best life. The website is transforming the way women access life changing information through a dynamic social entrepreneurship model. WEEE offers affordable online coaching e-courses in the areas of personal development, finances, health & wellness, parenting, relationships, business and more.

For a very modest membership fee, women can access e-coaching courses, participate in live group or individual group coaching, have unlimited free access to an e-book library, and more. At the core of WEEE is the Accelerate to Awesome Success Academy, a dynamic 6-week life-changing experience that helps women get on the fast track to success.

But that’s not all. Women who want to improve their economic status can earn a sizeable income by becoming an ambassador for the brand and referring other women to the platform. This dynamic model of social entrepreneurship is helping women to establish a steady stream of income that is easy to create and easy to maintain.

WEEE was founded by Etrulia Troy Lee, M.Ed., Ph.D., entrepreneur, former School Principal, former Adjunct Professor, creator of the Accelerate to Awesome Success Academy, and author of the Amazon #1 best seller You Can Win! Success Principles Took Me From Low Income & Low Self-Esteem to Confidence & Prosperity.  When questioned about the motivation to create the platform, she explained: “I wanted women everywhere to have access to the amazing life changing experience that can come with a coach. A coach can help you get clarity on the direction you want your life to take,  guide you in exploring and removing self-imposed roadblocks to your success, assist you in creating an action plan to achieve your goals, and hold you accountable every step of the way. I chose to use a social entrepreneurship business model so every WEEE member could participate in sharing the company revenue and achieve financial empowerment. Women are 50% of the world’s population yet 75% of the world’s poor. And where there are poor women, there are poor and hungry children. That is why WEEE dedicates 20% of their profits to feeding hungry children.”

Many women have benefited from this dynamic model. Gail J. owner of Pathfinder Project Inc., summed up the overall impact of the platform. She said: “I am ecstatic to be a part of WEEE. The first session that I accessed was full of wisdom and insights that helped me to move forward and continue pressing through a new business endeavor. Even though I have been managing my own business for over 20 years, I am exploring a new avenue and the WEEE coaching gave me just what I needed.”

The WEEE community is ideal for any woman who wants to access affordable self development at her own leisure, create an additional source of income, and to be a part of something big.

About WEEE

WEEE (Women Enlightened & Economically Empowered) is incorporated in the state of Maryland and licensed to do business in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Dignified to empower women worldwide to flourish in mind, body, & assets.

Bringing affordable e-courses that offer life and business coaching into the homes of all women. This is life changing information that will help a woman gain the knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence to create a life of abundant joy, self-acceptance, increased confidence, a loving attitude towards herself and others, and financial security.

WEEE also offers the opportunity for a woman to build a substantial business by becoming a WEEE Ambassador.  WEE’s vision is to have her chapters in every major city in the U.S., then move into Canada, Europe, and other countries.

We have committed 20% of all company profits to the cause of feeding hungry children. Our company follows the model of social entrepreneurship where our goal is to help as many as possible.

Contact WEE

For further information or to become a subscriber, visit:
FORT WASHINGTON, Maryland, United States
Telephone: 240-223-7450

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Etrulia Troy Lee
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Phone: 240-223-7450
State: MaryLand
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