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Yidu Cloud supports the establishment of China’s first medical data science secondary academy

Yidu Cloud supports the establishment of China’s first medical data science secondary academy

On the 4th of June the opening ceremony of Chongqing Medical University- Yidu Cloud Medical Data Science Academy was successfully held in Jinyun campus. The first national medical data science secondary academy in China is established jointly established by Chongqing Medical University and Yidu Cloud (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd.

At the opening ceremony, Ning Guang (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice-president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Affiliated Ruijin Hospital); Zhang Mingshu (Chairman of the Science, Education, Culture, Public Health and Sports Commission at the Chongqing Political Consultative Conference); Zhang Weigong (Founder and Chairman of the board of Sunshine Insurance Group); Professor Lei Han (President and Deputy Party Secretary of Chongqing Medical University); and Sun Zhe (CEO of Yidu Cloud (Beijing) Technology Ltd.) all made individual speeches.

Together with Deng Rui (Deputy Director of Chongqing Education Commission); Wang Lijun (Deputy Director of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission); Zhou Xiong (Vice-chairman of the Chongqing Association for Science and Technology); Huang He (Deputy Head of the Chongqing Health and Family Planning Commission Information and Statistics Department); and Professor Chen Rong (Party Secretary of Chongqing Medical University), they announced the establishment of Chongqing Medical University’s Yidu Cloud Medical Data Science Academy.

Picture: Chongqing Medical University – Yidu Cloud Medical Data Science Academy Opening Ceremony

In the afternoon, the opening ceremony of the academy was followed by the First Academic Seminar on Medical Big Data, with attendees discussing the development and application of medical big data.

In total over 400 domestic and international experts and scholars in big data and healthcare industry from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the China Academy of Engineering and Harvard University attended the seminar.

Health care big data is the foundational and strategic resources for China and the application and development will bring a profound change of healthcare model.

In order to conform to the development trend of new technology, planning and promoting the integrated sharing and the open applications of health care big data, the General Office of the State Council has issued “Guidance on the Promotion and Standardization of the Application and Development of Healthcare Big Data”.

Taking this as an opportunity, Chongqing Medical University and Yidu Cloud (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. jointly established Chongqing Medical University-Yidu Cloud Medical Data Science Academy to promote the application and development exploration of big data technology in the field of healthcare industry, based on the consensus of the bilateral cooperation on the development trend of health care big data, in line with the concept of open cooperation, resource integration, complementary advantages, collaborative innovation and win-win collaboration.

Chongqing Medical University is approved by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee as a top tier doctoral and master’s degree granting organization, with many affiliated famous regional hospitals and a total of 28 nationlevel clinical disciplines and specialties with a wealth of medical data and the capability of data innovation. Yidu Cloud (Beijing) Technology Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise focused on medical data technology, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to collect, mine and utilize medical research data, combining leading medical big data processing technologies and professional services.

According to reports, the newly established academy will play the advantages of both sides of cooperation, based on the medical resources of Chongqing Medical University and Yidu Cloud in big data technology.

The academy is founded on the following principles. Firstly, it will use medical research data as a basis for its work. Secondly, the underlying motivation is driven by the national and regional key technology requirements for people’s livelihood and productive industries (such as new medicine research and development, industry governance, health management, clinical diagnosis and treatment, medical research, medical education and so on).

Thirdly, adopting the principle of “integration, sharing, cooperation, innovation, service, and application” as a philosophy, the institute will use the Industry-Academia-Research model for collaborative development of the foundational theoretical research and technological breakthrough.

Finally, it aims to the research finding transformation and business model innovation, all based on medical data. At the same time it will foster leading talents in the scientific field of medical data, promoting Chongqing Medical University’s academic development and the collaboration between academic disciplines together with increasing innovation.

In future the academy will engage in research into standards, security, technology, and application of medical big data. It will undertake all types of research projects at a national level, and from private enterprises and public institutions.

Chongqing Medical University and Yidu Cloud jointly created a centre for the transformation of medical treatment industries where partners can share development of innovation research based on a synoptic and deep cooperation between medical, educational, research, and productive industries; and based on all this genuinely push forward the development of China’s medical big data technology and its application.

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