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World’s first fully automated job search, 133T, to debut in July

World’s first fully automated job search, 133T, to debut in July

Delaware corporation 133T Inc. (dba “133T”) will debut its job platform this July, which promises to automatically match jobseekers’ profiles with most relevant job descriptions on the web, and which will further ensure increasingly more efficient recruitment for employers.

Germantown, MD – June 13, 2017 – No more sunk time on irrelevant employment inquiries! Much to the delight of jobseekers, 133T will shortly make publicly available the world’s first truly automated job platform, which will match candidates’ profiles with the most compatible skill-based job description, and potentially allow for automated applications to many more jobs per day than could be covered by even the most dedicated human. The next-generation patent-pending platform is aimed to ensure more efficient recruitment for employers and more plausible job finds for the aspiring employees faster than ever.

The platform will officially debut in mid-July, and will be initially available throughout the United States of America. The company has plans to expand to Canada, the UK, Australia, and ultimately throughout the world. Per 133T CEO Karim Harvey, the website will enable jobseekers to auto-apply for as many as 50 jobs in just one hour-long sitting. 

“We are excited to announce that we are soon to launch the first-ever automated job platform that will redefine the way people seek and apply for jobs for better. 133T’s goal is to breathe new life into the jobs platform arena, which has been stagnant for too long. We’re looking forward to introducing new technologies to the field to connect candidates with their most desired jobs faster than ever, and making recruitment easier, quicker and more effective for employers. Just think: a better recruitment tool that will extend a better service for less,” said Mr. Harvey.

Statistically, it takes no less than a whopping 40-80 hours a week to find a new job. The revolutionary 133T software is designed to automate the most tedious aspects of job hunting and speed up the overall process of procuring employment. The next-generation platform will match the job seeker’s profile to a pertinent skill-based job description so that (s)he only receives messages about the most pertinent job advertisements.

The high-end speed of the automation helps to save time on job hunting so that jobseekers can engage in other aspects of life. 133T will match your profile with the most relevant job description to help applicants determine and auto-apply for the job more effectively, tailoring the process to the applicable circumstances and preferences.

According to early alpha testers, the upcoming platform holds the “potential to revolutionize the job-seeking process, for both applicants and employers”.

“The current employment marketplace is marred with tremendous inefficiency. But 133T will update the whole process by making it convenient and accessible for job-seekers and employers. In simple words- it would independently match up the ‘right’ candidate to the ‘right’ position. The software is in ways more surprising than Slack and may be more impactful than any new website since Twitter”, added Joshua Walters, one of the early alpha testers of 133T.

Another tester, John F., pointed out how employers too would benefit – “133T is like having an extra technical recruiter on board going through all of your candidates, making the vetting process more efficient and extremely fast on the back end.”

At present, 133T is in its beta-stage and is accepting sign-ups from employers looking to post job descriptions for suitable candidates.

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