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Ultimate 3D Printing Stores joins German RepRap USA to promote Liquid Additive Manufacturing, the next evolution in commercial 3D production

ODESSA, FL – Jul 1, 2017 – Liquid Additive Manufacturing, an emerging technology from German RepRap USA, is poised to transform commercial 3D production in the United States, and the company has picked Ultimate 3D Printing Store to be its first authorized reseller in central Florida.

The company, founded in Munich, has produced high-caliber 3D printers since 2007, but only entered the U.S. market in 2015 with its North American headquarters in Miami offering a full product line of specialty 3D printers ranging from $3,000 retail to more than $100,000.

“Just one of RepRap’s beautiful machines, this particular model is one of their flagship models the X400 feel free to put the image anywhere and apply TITLE – “u3dps-reprap-x400-3d-printer” ALT_TAG – “ultimate 3d printing store tampa florida online store 3d printers wanhao usa monoprice Craftbot parts repairs accessories.

ultimate 3d printing gen rep ap x400Now it wants to expand its brand recognition through strategic partnerships that showcase its superior technology with a focus on training and technical support.

“Ultimate 3D Printing Store has both a local footprint in Florida, and a national footprint through its website and sales team,” said Alex Hussain, director of German RepRap USA. “For us, that’s a really interesting partner to have.”

Ultimate 3D Printing Store, founded in 2015 by Roy Kirchner, has quickly gained a national reputation within the industry as an expert in 3D additive manufacturing.

“German RepRap’s product line provides manufacturers with some of the best equipment available to transform their production capabilities,” Kirchner said. “We are humbled and energized by their confidence, and we are thrilled to represent them to our extensive client roster.”

Based in Pasco County, Ultimate 3D Printing Store also is strategically located, Hussain said.

“Florida is a fantastic market, one of the top manufacturing markets in the U.S., particularly central Florida,” he added. “Roy’s organization also has a lot of connections to higher education, which is a fantastic fit for our technology.”

German RepRap USA’s X400 3D printer has become popular with engineering curriculums. “A lot of universities like it because it has very high capabilities,” Hussain said. “It has great accuracy and reliability, plus the translucent side panels allow student
engineers to not just print, but observe and understand the 3D printing process that much more.”

The partnership also comes as German RepRap USA is prepping the U.S. release of Liquid Additive Manufacturing, as well as the X500 large-volume 3D printer.

The X500 is set to debut in August, and will retail for $32,000. This industrial-quality 3D printer with an expanded build area, heated chamber and build plate that has the capacity to create accurate parts from materials with higher melt temperatures. Check out their latest beauty the X1000 industrial scale 3D printer.

X1000 3d printer – Industrial large scale 3d printer by German RepRap

“It’s a great fit for smaller organizations looking to approach 3D printing for exotic materials, or short-run manufacturing,” Hussain said. “And it’s a fantastic fit for larger manufacturers wanting to print larger parts for more challenging applications.”

Liquid additive manufacturing, or LAM, had its U.S. debut in April at the 2017 Rapid 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Developed by German RepRap in partnership with Dow Chemical Company, LAM creates liquid silicone 3D-printed prototypes, using a proprietary formula to transform silicone from liquid to rigid state.

Hussain said the company had to develop a custom extrusion system to achieve its goal, and tests have shown LAM products have 80% equivalent strength in both the x-y direction and the z-direction, meaning the silicone can stretch without tearing, making LAM perfect for additive manufacturers wanting to build flexible components such as shoe soles, automotive gaskets, medical devices and more.

“Our technology can build prototypes without tooling, which is magical,” Hussain said.

German RepRap is offering LAM pre-production units for $65,000, with full-production models expected in late 2017 starting at $120,000.

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