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Interview with Excellent Violinist Chen Jinfu Concerning Brescia Concert

Interview with Excellent Violinist Chen Jinfu Concerning Brescia Concert

In May 2017, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra headed for Italy to attend the 54th “Brescia – Bergamo International Piano Festival”. Violinist Chen Jinfu was invited and kept company with the orchestra.

Two concerts were thrown at Brescia Theater and Bergamo Theater which attracted the attention of Italian music industry. When they returned with honor, we had a special interview with Mr. Chen Jinfu.

Chen Jinfu was born in a family where he can readily be exposed to the musical atmosphere. After the graduation from Orchestral Instruments Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Chen Jinfu has been working in the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, serving as the first violinist. In nearly two decades, he frequently participates in the performances, domestic and overseas. He gives the performance in the places across the five continents. He also is awarded numerous honors from home and abroad.

Reporter: First of all, congratulations on your successful performance in Italy in May. When did you fall in love with the violin? Who is the one that gave you the first violin lesson? How much knowledge did he impart to you?

Chen Jinfu: I was destined to play the violin. At the age of five, I began to learn from my father. Fortunately, I found myself liking and apt to play the violin. My father knew me like the violin, and then invited Zeng Qingquan, the most famous musician in Shantou, to teach me. He taught me the basic skills and techniques of playing violin. Mr. Zeng told me that for an artist, his basic skill determines his life. Now in retrospect, his word is accurate. Thus, I am especially grateful to my father and Mr. Zeng Qingquan. They led me to the path of art.

Reporter: I heard that you practiced the violin up to seven hours every day at childhood. At that time, have you ever complained? Do you have any other hobbies besides playing the violin? Will these hobbies take your time of playing violin?

Chen Jinfu: To be frank, at first, I was forced by my parents and Mr. Zeng to spend lots of time on the violin. But later, I found myself truly attracted by the violin. It became a kind of consciousness. In addition to playing the violin, I have many hobbies, such as reading, listening to music and so on.

Reporter: I heard that you have the performance with Mr. Tan Dun on the same stage many times. What do you think about this?

Chen Jinfu: Mr. Tan Dun’s works are outstanding. He put the Chinese elements and Western symphony together. His works have a variety of forms, being very pleasant to the ear. Everyone love that.

Experience Sharing

Reporter: Compared with singing and other artistic expressions, it is much more difficult to convey emotion through the instrument. How to maintain simplicity and connotation at the same time?

Chen Jinfu: I champion the composer. In my opinion, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms are impeccable. They only need to make all-out efforts to express their intentions. Like the actors who should present the role in the script vividly, the musician has responsibility to convey the mood, thoughts and feelings in a work.

Reporter: As a violinist, are you baffled by any music?

Chen Jinfu: Of course, but it is not necessarily on the skills. When you practice more on a work, you may find your original understanding about this work is superficial, while the process is very joyful. I am honored to work for Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, the best orchestra in China, and to work with many of the top conductors and performers worldwide.

Reporter: I heard that you bought a violin by installment. Do you have new goal recently?

Chen Jinfu: I did buy a violin by installment. Now, I don’t need it. In fact, from the point of view of investment, the purchase of musical instruments, especially Chinese zither, is more profitable than that of the stock. Now, many people have realized it.

Parents’ Experience: Do not force your child to become Yo-Yo Ma or Lang Lang

Reporter: You receive so much honor. I believe that every parent hopes their child can be as excellent as you do. Do you have any experience to share with them?

Chen Jinfu: It is difficult to cross the threshold. I also encountered problems at the very beginning. Playing the violin is particularly difficult. Especially when you just begin the lesson, you may lose interest. I think the basic skill is very important. You cannot have a good command of violin without a concrete basic skill. It relies on a good teacher. Children should feel the fun of playing violin when begin studying violin.

Reporter: Does your son also like to play the violin?

Chen Jinfu: My son is 10 years old, and he likes the music so much. I think learning music should be dependent on cultivating interests and molding character. Do not expect your child to become the next Lang Lang or Yo-Yo Ma. To develop a habit of practicing every day is crucial.

Reporter: For the violinist, talent and diligence, which one do you think is more important?

Chen Jinfu: Talent. I fall in love with music since I was a child. But I also work hard. Even now, as long as I have time off, I will practice. Only years of practicing can help you to give a perfect performance.

Mr. Chen Jinfu told us that, from July to December 2017, he has several shows in Venetian Golden Hall, Moscow and other places. We wish they can continue to present a large-scale audio and video feast combining fashionable and classical elements to the audience overseas.

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