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“Anti-finance?” – Contemporary artist Luo Wei is building a spreader of Chinese people

“Anti-finance?” – Contemporary artist Luo Wei is building a spreader of Chinese people

Luo Wei , a famous Chinese artist,  is launch her new art project “Spreader” to work with block-chain groups to build a wave art foundation, and to collaborate on a number of works of art. She is probably the first artist to collaborate with block-chain groups.


The block chain is the hottest topic in this era and the future, and it is also a new industry that produces huge capital. The art Foundation will be the first to invest hundreds of bitcorns (nearly 5 million RMB) with the artist, Luo Wei,for collecting of works of art and supporting research-oriented art. China’s monthly million and even tens of millions of top Bitcoin traders believe that the future Bit coin is a bit currency equals a villa. The current situation of Bitcoin has the dramatic fluctuation phenomenon, but it continues to rise. Good works of art are also increasing in value, said the artist, Luo Wei. The advent of the central Bitcoin is a new revolution in the irony of the old financial system. At the moment it is in a “dangerous” position, coinciding with her artistic views, and the current collaboration is a test to test the distance between capital and art, which seems contradictory. She is likely to produce her own virtual currency as a work of art.

The artist Luo Wei works by the world’s important collectors, art institutions,art galleries collection, up to hundreds of pieces of work, but because of the middle of the gallery reason, she still does not know which collectors bought her works. If you add block-chain technology to your collection system, the problem is solved easily, said Luo Wei to the interviewer, but it will take time to popularize the technology on a large scale.


Unlike the artists who create works in studios, linking events and characters from different levels of society is one of the artistic orientations of the artist Luo Wei. She created Crystal planet project in 2014, incorporating stars, musicians, scientists, theatrical directors, costume designers, and the global innovators into her planet in an attempt to fulfill a utopian vision.  In 2016 in her second big project Bio-r institute, she also organized dialogues with paranormal people, such as archaeologists, architects, and hypnotist, to study how human beings can make their bodies available for a second time. And this year she launches “Wave-makers”, which is also a completely new field. In the past three months, in order to further study and observe the chain industry model, she is in China’s top block chain group as a brand official position, to learn firsthand information and block chain industry development. At the same time, she also realizes that art has an inseparable relationship with the industry in the future. From the planet maker to the body researcher, and to the operation of the enormous capital, this is the unexpected talent of Luo Wei. I have to say that she is an artistic versatile person who is good at making hot pots and topics , and that her creative arts media have sales of fiery paintings and sculptures, as well as performance art, fixtures, social events, institutional production, game programs, and so on.

China’s Internet technology has gained unprecedented development in just a few years as the Chinese need a mobile phone to complete everything in their lives. Alibaba founder Ma Yun even said that in the future even mobile phones will disappear. The block chain technology is like the 90 ‘s Internet, and the next era may be the era of virtual currency.


Therefore, whether the capital and art can coexist harmoniously? Can Luo Wei become the spreader herself? Let us eagerly await the result.

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