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The Potty Protector – More than a Urine Shield for Your Toilet, It’s a Time Saver

The Potty Protector – More than a Urine Shield for Your Toilet, It’s a Time Saver

Blackfoot – Now that 2017 is well under way, announcements about the best products of the year are cropping up all over the internet. This year’s surprising new hit item? The Potty Protector, a great tool for moms or anyone who like a clean toilet without the hassle.

Mothers know the unspoken struggle of cleaning up the bathroom in a house full of men and boys. While cleaning can be a chore for anyone, the bathroom presents one of the most unpleasant areas to clean, especially when there is urine on or around the toilet. Not only does urine overspray create an unsanitary living environment, but it also takes additional time to scrub it off the back of the toilet and the floor.

The problem is not with the men, however, but with the design of the toilet. In public bathrooms, urinals provide a wall that contains the trajectory of the urine, but in private homes, any standard toilet lacks this necessary shield. The porcelain bowl presents a challenge to men, who must aim their urine toward a specific area.

But now a new product is on the market that promises to save time, for mothers, bachelors, and anyone who lives in a house with one or more men: The Potty Protector. Launched by the new company, The Potty Protector, their product of the same name is one of the must-have items for 2017.

The Potty Protector solves the design flaw of household toilets. A simple yet clever device, The Potty Protector is a urine splash guard that fits onto a standard toilet, providing a protective and sanitary urinal wall. With The Potty Protector, men and boys can urinate without having to worry about not making a mess on the back of the toilet.

The Potty Protector is lightweight, easy to place and remove, and best of all, it is easy to clean. No more getting down on hands and knees to scrub the back of the toilet and the floor surrounding it. No more unsanitary urine overspray. The Potty Protector is brilliant in its simplicity, promoting sanitary habitats and making it more convenient for men to urinate.

Mothers can rejoice at having this new product in their home that will save them time and improve the hassle of bathroom cleaning.

The toilet shield from The Potty Protector is one of the unexpected yet innovative products that can make 2017 the year of clean.

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