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FilSon Filters Starts Supplying Inline Simplex Filters to Marine Manufacturing Industry

FilSon Filters Starts Supplying Inline Simplex Filters to Marine Manufacturing Industry

Xinxiang, China – July 3rd, 2017 – FilSon Filters, a leading designer and manufacturer of simplex filters, announced today that it has started supplying inline simplex filters to marine manufacturing industries. Installing inline simplex filters aims to protect hydraulic systems in marine equipment from possible contaminants that may have passed the system pump.

FilSon inline simplex filters are designed to international standards with a wide range of operating pressure, filtration rating, flow rate and temperature. They are robust in design, with the ability to withstand the toughest working conditions in the marine environment.

“At FilSon Filters, we believe in providing an effective filtration solution for all types of solid contaminants in the marine manufacturing industry,” said Mrs. Kunvine Lee, FilSon Filters General Manager. “Our inline simplex filters come in many designs equipped with efficient filter materials that fit any task irrespective of the working process and conditions.”

FilSon Filters designs inline simplex filters with a range of options and capabilities. To ensure efficiency and reliability of these inlet simplex filters, they are equipped with visual or electrical indicators, with a bypass valve.

This makes it easy to detect any possibility of clogging that may undermine the performance of the hydraulic system. The bypass valve makes it possible to carry out possible routine maintenance or system modification without necessarily stopping the normal operations.

The inline simplex filters are epoxy coated. This provides an increased resistance to both corrosion and rust, ensuring seamless operation in most hydraulic fluid systems.

Inlet simplex filter housing is made from carbon/stainless steel. It protects the inline simplex filter elements from harsh environmental conditions, hence, guaranteeing its durability.

To extend performance and reduce the cleaning or part change over, FilSon inline simplex filters have special filter elements. The filter elements have high dirt holding capacity, thus, extending their lifespan, besides the venting and draining connections.

Depending on the working environment, those in the marine industries can choose from over 13 different models available, from FSV series to LFN series. They offer many connection capabilities.

With varying pressure and flow rates, it is possible to use the inline filters to meet specific system requirements. Depending on the nature of the application, the flow rates vary from 650 to 15,000 l/min.

The pressure ratings also vary from 0.75Mpa with filtration capacity of 20 to 100 µm for the normal inline filters. Large flow inline filters have a maximum pressure rating of 1.6Mpa and a filtration capacity of 3 to 200 µm.

FilSon inline simplex filters are precisely designed to reduce unnecessary system losses with initial and maximum pressure loss being ≤ 0.1 to 0.35 respectively.

About FilSon Filters

Founded in 2001, FilSon Filters has grown to be a household name in the filter cart and hydraulic strainer industry. Its replacement hydraulic, lube filtration products such as duplex filters, simplex filters, cast iron strainers and offline filtration systems, among others meet the international standards.

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