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New Social Card Game Socially Hacked Launches Kickstarter Campaign

New Social Card Game Socially Hacked Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Reno, Nev. – Jul 3, 2017 – Reno based business partners Adam Prange and Brian Casey have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new social media card game, “Socially Hacked,” which challenges players to perform a series of hilarious task and post proof or videos on various social media accounts.

“Social media has become filled with political rants, narcissistic photos, and fake platitudes. We think it’s time somebody actually makes a genuine attempt to break this continuous stream of bullshit,” said founders Adam Prange and Brian Casey in a joint statement. “With Socially Hacked, you don’t have to take yourself or Facebook so seriously. The gives you and your friends the perfect excuse to crack a few brews, endlessly ridicule one another, and post some hilarious and possible questionable photos or videos to your social platforms.”

The game, currently for players 21 and over, sees players draw cards from a stack of black “Hacked” cards that task the player with absurd, hilarious, or embarrassing stunts to be filmed or photographed for social media with the hashtag #SociallyHacked. If a direction is too crazy for a player to perform, they can play a blue “Save Your Ass Card” instead, which usually results in a highly shameful statement that the other players will ridicule the victim for. The game is played until all but one player runs out of “Save Your Ass” cards.

The revolutionary social media card game is sure to create a frenzy of hilarious content for any social media feed. Assignments range from announcing to fellow players “playing this game with my tiny Trump hands is too hard” to filming a player of your choice taking a sip of their drink and spitting it in your mouth, then posting the video to Facebook or Instagram.

The Kickstarter officially launches on July 11, 2017 where donors will receive the full edition of the game for any $20 donation.

For more information, check out Socially Hacked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on their website.

About Socially Hacked

Socially Hacked is a revolutionary new card game created by two friends who were sick of the drab of social media and wanted to do something about it. They created a game for the brave, the bold, the awesome, and people that just don’t give a shit. Players take turns drawing a hack card from the main deck. Each hack card has a variety of very messed up things for players and their friends to film and post to the platform of their choice, breaking the bore that social media has become.

For more information on the game visit Socially Hacked on Facebook or check out the website here.

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