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The Flatwoods Monster: A Feature Film based on True Story is Now on Kickstarter!

The Flatwoods Monster: A Feature Film based on True Story is Now on Kickstarter!

Now Seeking Community Support on Kickstarter, ‘The Flatwoods Monster’ is a Featured Film based on a True Story!

The Flatwoods Monster is a feature film based on the true accounts of the 1952 UFO Sightings.  It is a Theatrical Motion Picture inspired by the only documented account of hundreds of people seeing a UFO crash land in Flatwoods West Virginia in 1952. Created by Cinema Island Productions, an American production company, the film is going to be a major motion picture with some of the most popular actors in the world.

The creators of this inspiring film at the Cinema Island Productions have launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this great movie and they are welcoming everyone for support. Unlike most small-scale films raising funds on Kickstarter, this is a proper feature film with a great budget and a star-studded cast.

The director of this film has directed multiple Clint Eastwood Films and the cinematographer is also an award winning figure. In addition the director of sound for this film is also nominated for an Emmy Award 22 times. Furthermore, the special effects supervisor is a 2 time Academy Award winner.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with great rewards. From $50 to $10,000, supporters can back this upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster and get several great perks including the invitations to the parties and premier of the film.

About The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster is an upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster made by the people who have made movies such as the Avatar, Alice in the Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. The feature film is based on a true story about the crash of a UFO in 1952 at Flatwoods West Virginia and the creators are now seeking support for this film on Kickstarter.

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Company Name: Cinema Island Productions, LLC
Contact Person: Randy Pfeiffer
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Phone: 561-632-3676
City: Wellington
State: Florida
Country: United States