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Computer Recycling Center Helps Clients Safely Dispose of Their Electronics

Computer Recycling Center Helps Clients Safely Dispose of Their Electronics

While we aren’t exactly a paperless world yet, I think it’s safe to say that we do paper-less.  As a matter of fact, many aspects of our lives have already made the leap. Our calendars are stored on computers and mobile devices. Even iPhones and Androids have a “Note” feature where you can type in reminders, to-do lists, passwords (hopefully you don’t, but, we all do it) and all other valuable information that you don’t want to miss or forget. However, even though storing data in electronic devices can be convenient, you can’t deny the fact that there are going to be consequences and risks involved. Do you know that holding on to data can slow down your applications? Not only that, but it also decreases your storage space, and most importantly makes you vulnerable to digital attacks.

Identity thieves and hackers know their way around computers and smartphones which means they can easily access your files and other personal information when stored and disposed of non-securely. I personally want to destroy my data properly, whether it be on paper documents or electronic devices and hard drives, because I don’t want to give thieves the opportunity to take advantage of my negligence. Luckily, Computer Recycling Center is there to help me dispose of my data containing materials and devices in a secure and environmentally responsible way.

Computer Recycling Center knows that personal information, stored in any way, has to be destroyed properly because, if you don’t destroy it correctly, you are putting yourself, your business and your customers at risk.  This is why they have achieved NAID AAA Certification which is best practices in the data destruction industry.

Examples of personal information include passwords, emails, social media sites, and bank logins as well as credit card information, personal health information and social security numbers. If these pieces of information fall into the wrong hands, you can get yourself and others in a lot of trouble.

Save yourself from potential harm by ensuring that your laptops and computers are managed by a Certified facility. If you no longer have the need for your desktop computers, laptops or even your smartphones for whatever reason, perhaps you are getting an upgrade, or these techy devices no longer function like they used to, don’t just ditch it in the trash bin, not only will it be hazardous to the environment, it could also fall into the wrong hands, especially someone who has the ability and desire to cause harm.

Aside from personal computers, laptops, and cellphones, Computer Recycling Center also accepts monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, scanners, printers, and other e-waste items. E-waste includes any device that has a cord or a battery and all e-waste should be recycled, not just thrown away.  Most states even require that some or all entities properly recycle e-waste.  It is important to   properly dispose of these devices because they contain hazardous materials such as cadmium, lead, and mercury that have damaging effects on the environment and to our health.

Computer Recycling Center also accepts appliance waste otherwise known as “white goods.” These are household goods like hair dryers, toasters, microwaves, ovens, and dryers. You also need to properly dispose these devices instead of throwing them in the trash because they contain toxic substances as well like circuit boards, mercury, refrigerant oils and PCB capacitors. For more information visit their website

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Computer Recycling Center is located at 528 N. Prince Lane in Springfield, Missouri (65802). The company can be contacted for questions, or to make use of their data removal and electronic recycling service from their website,

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