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Owen & Timock Orthodontics in Fort Collins are Proud to be Founding Members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

Owen & Timock Orthodontics in Fort Collins are Proud to be Founding Members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

Fort Collins, CO Colorado is well known for its warm hospitality and the huge smiles of its welcoming residents; and, thanks to lingual braces, those smiles are going to get bigger and brighter. With many years of experience in dental service, Colorado-based Owen & Timock Orthodontics has just announced the founding of the Elite Lingual Orthodontics Study Club Inc (ELOS), an elite group of lingual expert orthodontists located across the country.  As board-certified orthodontists, Owen and Timock already provide excellent orthodontic services and TMJ therapy using the latest technology and are proud to be members of such an elite group of specialists.

Being a part of ELOS will be instrumental in helping the public seek the right lingual specialist to achieve the smile they deserve.  The spokesperson and partner in the clinic, Dr. Brandon, says that “fewer than 5% of orthodontists utilize lingual orthodontics, and many of those only do a very limited amount.” He adds, “This is due to the steep learning curve associated with lingual braces. In our practices we start over 100 lingual brace patients every year and have been able to overcome that learning curve making this treatment predictable with outstanding results.” Colorado residents can now take advantage of this unique service from Owen & Timock Orthodontist by giving them a call for a free consultation.  

The leading and most significant barrier to having an orthodontic correction for many adults is the appearance of traditional braces. As such, this Orthodontist in Fort Collins is one of the largest providers of lingual braces with the expertise to create solutions for even the most complex orthodontic needs while giving patients a completely discrete orthodontic treatment option. The leading orthodontist in Fort Collins uses two lingual systems to achieve their success: A fully custom bracket system that allows them to do the most complicated of cases including those that require jaw surgery and a system that targets the front teeth and is very inexpensive.  A comfortable way to resolve cosmetic or functional issues of the front teeth.

Learn about lingual braces by contacting Fort Collins Orthodontist, Owen & Timock Orthodontics, or by checking out the ELOS website. ELOS is made up of orthodontists across the US and Canada who are all lingual experts.

Get in touch with Owen & Timock Orthodontics today by calling them at 970- 484- 4102 or sending them an email at [email protected] Visit their website at for more details about their services. Their office is located at 3221 Eastbrook Dr, Ste A103 Fort Collins, CO 80525.

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