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Realty company in Alberta launches new site to help buyer, sellers, and investors

Realty company in Alberta launches new site to help buyer, sellers, and investors

Alberta, CA – While more and more people are trying to do all they can to protect the planet by switching to electric cars, there is still the need for gas stations, as the majority of people still use cars that need fuel. Many gas stations can be eco-friendly if the station is sold by the right realtor and bought by a caring owner. West North Realty has launched a new site informing sellers, investors, and buyers of how green fuel stations are becoming a pivotal staple in their growth.

West North is a company that provides those interested with news, information, guidelines, and real estate opportunities for gas stations, convenience stores, and car washes in Western Canada. Their site is set up to be extremely user-friendly with very thoroughly researched information on each of their pages. Their pages include information on eco-friendly fuel stations and car washes, making it easy for buyers and investors to determine what they want in the Canada gas station classifieds.  

Green construction and water conservation are beginning to become big trends when constructing gas stations are car washes. Green construction ensures that everything built is optimized to be environmentally friendly. Some things that gas stations and convenience stores are starting to do to implement green construction include the store having single-stream recycling, installing LED lighting throughout the store and around the gas pump area, having low-flow sinks and toilets so less water is used, building the structure out of sustainable material, using natural lighting during the day to save electricity, and utilizing a few other methods. When thinking of water conservation, most people won’t think of car washes but many are switching their methods to join in the effort of sustainability. Conservation efforts by car washes focus on saving the most amount of potable by using a variety of measures. These measures can include upgrading equipment in the car wash to focus on one area of cleaning but mostly involves the car wash installing some kind of water reclamation system.

Whether those interested are looking to buy, sell, or invest in any facility listed in Canada car wash classifieds or any convenience store or gas station listed, they should be interested in optimizing the facility to be more eco-friendly. They can find information about gas stations and car washes for sale on West North’s new website.

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