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Scan Halal mobile app helping Millions of Muslims in Finding Halal Food Products

Scan Halal mobile app helping Millions of Muslims in Finding Halal Food Products

Oak Brook, IL – July 5, 2017 – Scan Halal is the largest halal food organization in North America, with millions of halal consumers relying on their unique service. For Muslims living in North America it is challenging to find halal food products, and most halal consumers investigate a product’s permissibility before purchase, which can include even picking up the phone and calling the manufacturer directly to verify the sources of ingredients. The organization has developed an exclusive app that takes the guesswork out of halal consumption and puts readily available data right at their fingertips. The Scan Halal app has rapidly gained popularity in part by its simplified ease of use: Simply scan the barcode of questionable products in the app and in less than a second the app breaks down the permissibility of the product, providing valuable and much-needed information to make better informed halal dietary choices. Launched in 2013, the mobile application has reached 25 million+ product scans in just 4 years.

Founder and Executive director Anas Razzaq says, “We are dedicated to bringing complete transparency regarding halal food products in North America and other regions. We know how tedious and time consuming it is to call manufacturers to verify ingredients in each food product. The American food market is complicated and often frustratingly opaque. Third-party certification helps take the guesswork out of food shopping.”

He continues, “Often times many companies tend to assume ‘kosher’ is equivalent to ‘halal’. Although some rules overlap, kosher and halal are two different standards. There are several hundred Jewish kosher authorities in the US who certify products as kosher based on very liberal to extremely conservative rules, but only a handful are trusted among kosher consumers. The same is true for halal.” 

Other halal certifying agencies have emerged in America over the last three decades, but Scan Halal’s symbol, a circle surrounding the letter “S”, remains the most widely recognized and trusted among halal consumers. Scan Halal’s seal is showing up on consumable packaged goods with increasing frequency. “Our exclusive seal removes the usual confusion between halal and non-halal food products making halal consumption easier for consumers at the point of purchase. Scan Halal, which certifies thousands of food companies as well as health and beauty products, is working directly with food manufacturers to educate the public on halal standards and provide halal dietary compliance as the demand for halal food products continues to grow.”

According to Bloomberg, Whole Foods “ranks halal among its fastest-growing categories, with double-digit sales growth in each of the last five years.” The halal food Industry in America alone is estimated to be worth $20 billion. Large retailers like Walmart, Whole foods, Costco already stock their shelves with halal-certified products. Many companies are catching on to this untapped market and Scan Halal remains at the forefront of this demand.

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