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The Exchange Dental Group in Manhattan are Proud to be Founding Members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

The Exchange Dental Group in Manhattan are Proud to be Founding Members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

New York, NY There are numerous options in Orthodontic treatment today. Gone are the days when conventional visible metal braces were the only option for straightening teeth, although some people still prefer it and it’s attention-grabbing look. However, for those who prefer a less visible option, lingual braces (hidden braces) have given patients an alternative solution that allows them to enjoy their natural look while perfecting their smile. The great thing is that more and more people, especially in Manhattan, are seeking treatment. The Exchange Dental Group is proud to announce that they are now members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club (ELOS), a select group of lingual expert orthodontists who are able to treat any case with ease invisibly.  

Since 1982, this Orthodontist in Manhattan has helped maintain healthy and attractive smiles in a professional and courteous environment. According to the practice’s lead orthodontist and spokesman, Dr. Robert Weeman, “No matter what type of braces you are looking for, traditional or invisible, we will work with you to design a treatment plan that perfectly suits your needs and fits your schedule.”  This includes expert care in lingual braces using the latest technology and equipment, as well as Invisalign.

Lingual braces are now an option for anyone, through the help of experienced lingual experts and ELOS aims to help the public find an expert lingua orthodontist near them. Less than 5% of orthodontists have the specialized skill required to install lingual braces, and this has limited the access to this type of treatment. However, this New York Orthodontist, in conjunction with other ELOS affiliated orthodontic practices, now ensures that people with all types of orthodontic complexities are able to access lingual orthodontic treatment.  ELOS members are specialized orthodontists who understand the ins and outs of lingual orthodontic treatments, and offer other invisible options as well.

Using lingual braces brands such as Incognito, Suresmile and Harmony, the practice has gained an impeccable reputation for meeting the orthodontic needs of residents within the larger Manhattan population. They also have an immense expertise to draw from when it comes to conventional braces. Their core competencies include, but are not limited to: Zoom teeth whitening, Dental implants, Porcelain crown & Bridges, Pediatric dentistry, Orthodontics, Lingual braces, Invisalign, and Oral surgery.

There is no need to remove lingual braces when having a meal neither does one have to be overly conscious of food getting stuck in your teeth. Lingual braces are discreet, and in the hands of Dr. Weeman will give you an incredible smile in no time. Get in touch with The Exchange Dental Group by calling them at 212-422-9229 or sending them an email at [email protected]  Alternatively, visit the clinic website at or their ELOS-affiliated website at for more information on their services and to see some of their work.

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