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Energis Partnered with Peter Burnett of AHA as Lord of the Isles Tavern moves forward to tackle electricity prices rise!

Energis Partnered with Peter Burnett of AHA as Lord of the Isles Tavern moves forward to tackle electricity prices rise!

AHA, under the leadership of Peter Burnett, promotes ‘cheap and clean energy’. Lord of the Isles Tavern has now been equipped with a 57kW solar power system.

Australia has long been one of the world leaders in the implementation of solar power and is actually #1 globally in the number of rooftop solar panels. Now businesses are joining the trend of private homeowners. Award-winning Lord of the Isles Tavern is now a proud owner of a 57kW solar power system from Energis.

It was estimated that in 2017 Australia will get over 20 more large-scale solar projects. The investment in this sector doesn’t stop, although it did went down compared to even 5 years ago. However, the reason for it isn’t reduced interest but rather much lower prices of the solar panels.

Now Lord of the Isles Tavern has certainly benefited from this. They partnered with Energis, a leading solar power Melbourne provider. The Tavern now owns a solar power installation that will save the business approximately $14,000 in the first year of its operation. The savings will increase as the time goes by and the system will completely pay for itself in about 2.5 years.

According to the Energis expert Steven Field, the system will be saving Lord of the Isles Tavern $20,000 yearly by year 5. He also expressed their hope that Tavern will inspire other members of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) to switch to sustainable energy.

Lord of Isles Tavern Solar: Approach to Solar Power

The system Energis installed on the roof of Lord of the Isles Tavern consists of 219 panels and 3 Three phase inverters. The design of it ensures that some part of the installation is exposed to sunlight at any time of day.

The system allows monitoring generated power in minute detail. Peter Burnett, President of AHA, praised both the system and professionalism of the Energis team. He stated them to be courteous, friendly, and highly efficient. Mr. Burnett also highlighted that they are so satisfied with Energis’ work that they will be recommending the service to everyone. Not only did the team provide them with excellent consultation but also performed the installation most efficiently as well as cleaned up after themselves.

Energis is a solar panels Melbourne installation company that services the Gippsland, Melbourne Metro, Wodonga, Mildura, and Geelong regions. They provide consultations, CEC accredited installation, site and feasibility assessments, approvals, financing, and future maintenance.

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