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Company Works with Glass Fibre to Make Quality Bespoke Products for Locals

Company Works with Glass Fibre to Make Quality Bespoke Products for Locals

Tyne and Wear, UK – One of the most diverse materials that is manmade glass fibre. The material has many uses that range from all types of insulation to reinforcing other materials to make FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) vessels and tanks. Besides having a variety of uses, fibreglass is a material that is very beneficial to use. For those in Tyne and Wear, Acorn Glassfibre provides bespoke fibre glass moulding for various needs of locals.

Acorn Glassfibre is a glass fibre company with over 30 years of experience. Their glassfibre specialists deliver quality service to all of their clients in the North East of England. They have worked within many industries, delivering product to those in the maritime, automotive, construction, and leisure industries. Their products have gone through as little as small projects to production runs to serving customers nationwide. They can help their customers at the very beginning of their process by assisting with design. With their experience in pattern making, mould tool manufacturing, and seeing through to the final finished product, their staff can offer advice on the most practical and economical design so that they can develop a concept into components. More on their services can be seen at

Fibreglass is a unique material that is very versatile. The use of it is becoming more and more common and for good reason. Fibre-reinforced plastic allows for enormous flexibility when it comes to terms of design. No torches or welding is required in the fabrication and can just be fabricated using carpenter’s tool with carbon or diamond tip blades. Plus, its lightweight allows for easier transportation and installation. Fibreglass products have a lot of resistance due to their hard finish and are more affordable to install and maintain. It’s also extremely resistant to all kind of factors that would rot, break, or degrade other material, making it the perfect material for many things indoor as well as outdoor.

With the ever-growing use of fibreglass, more and more people are looking for quality bespoke moulding from professionals. For fibreglass in North East England, Acorn Glassfibre provides the material and the know-how to get any project, big or small, done correctly. To contact them and learn more, visit their website.

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Company Name: Acorn Glassfibre
Contact Person: Ian Nicholls
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01207 655 353
Address:A Unit 6 Whinfield Industrial Estate
City: Rowlands Gill
State: Tyne and Wear NE39 1EH
Country: United Kingdom