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Vitae Global Rises To The Forefront of Network Marketing

Vitae Global Rises To The Forefront of Network Marketing

Offering an astonishing 70 percent payout plan along with high quality products, Vitae Global, sets the standard high and is already showing that is it a revolutionary MLM Company while still in its Pre-Launch phase.

CHEYENNE, WYOMING – 7 Jul, 2017 – With their Entrepreneurs in mind, Vitae Global is a company that wants everyone to succeed. That is why the company prides itself on it’s 70 percent payout plan and according to Vitae Global, “we want everyone to actually have the chance to succeed here and build the lifestyle they want… no games, and no gimmicks.”

It is clear that Vitae Global prides itself on ethics and a “do-good” vision.  According to their website, Vitae Global states: “Working together we can create meaningful impact in people’s lives. This means the Highest quality products with an emphasis on service and training to create prosperity in all areas of life. We may be a World Wide Network Marketing Company, but ultimately we are in the people business, improving lives one person at a time.” It is apparent that Vitae Global has a mission, one for the people, that is paving the way to it’s Official Launch, which has yet to be announced.

Upon investigation, high quality products are a key aspect in defining what kind of company Vitae Global is in the industry. The foundation for their Pre-Launch are their first two products which include the Vitae Global Lean Java Bean weight management Coffee and Jim Britt’s Live Life at Level 10 Personal Development Programs. The Lean Java Bean Coffee consists of one hundred percent Non-GMO ingredients and includes two clinically proven ingredients, ChromeMate and Super Citrimax, which are clinically proven to assist people in achieving healthy weight-loss.  To pair with that, Jim Britt’s Live Life at Level 10 Personal Development Programs which address issues that may be holding a person back from succeeding in all areas of life and teaches how to break through these barriers. It appears that Vitae Global is a network marketing company that addresses the person as whole, with the goal that their Independent Distributors, known as Vitae Entrepreneurs, live their best life and in the words of their slogan they want them to “Live Life at Level 10.”

Behind the scenes, Vitae Global was founded by three cofounders, Jim Britt – CEO, Louis Volpe – Formulator, and George Hoagland – The Man Behind the 70 Percent Payout Plan. All three, extremely well versed in the world of Network Marketing Companies came together, each, with their particular expertise.

Jim Britt, a World Class success coach, 16 time Best Selling Author, has spoken to audiences totaling over one million, and has been involved in the Network Marketing industry for over 40 years. Louis Volpe also boasts a few decades, three in fact, in the Network Marketing industry. Louis Volpe is the Lead Formulator and President at Advanced Labs where he uses his years of knowledge in the supplement industry to create ethical and locally sourced ingredients to produce products that get real results that can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. The last of the three co-founders also showcases two and a half decades working in Multi Level Marketing. George Hoagland’s expertise in Network Marketing companies comes to the table in his 70 percent payout plan where everyone has the chance to be successful. Hoagland has written several successful compensation plans for Networking Companies, with Vitae Global having the highest payout in the industry. Hoagland is a firm believer that “everyone has a personal destiny to fulfill and Vitae can play a major role.”

On its way to the top, Vitae Global is a MLM company on the rise with plenty of new and breakthrough products on the horizon that promote their motto of “Living Life at Level 10,” especially when combined with the Personal Development Programs they offer.

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