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A Peek into the Life of a Malaysian-Chinese property investor in Australia

A Peek into the Life of a Malaysian-Chinese property investor in Australia

He gave up his stable income job as a lawyer to venture out into Australia’s property market. Today, he had set up his own property development/ managing company based in Melbourne, Australia with proven track records. Honored to interview Mr. David Tan from, Taschi Group.

What is your background?

Family business was in property based in Malaysia. Had solid foundation from the start. Was until I got my first property that made me so passionate.

I started sensing the potential of Australian Real Estate market and found it so fascinated. I believe that dedicating my time and efforts on something u love is important. I do not see this as a 9 to 5 job but a hobby. Thus, I changed my job as a lawyer and start working in Real Estate industry

Pic: David Tan from, Taschi Group.

Why Melbourne?

By chance, I came to Melbourne, the 1st impression was it’s a very lively city and of course the most liveable city in the world.  i just fell in love with Melbourne at the 1st sight.  Melbourne properties are not as expensive as Sydney or other states and the turnover rate is very high.  You are able to bridge up Australia properties and investors.  Although the properties market soared dramatically in the last decade, it still has potential to go up. 

Why Real Estate?

Sydney and Melbourne property prices have exploded this decade is an understatement. The gravity-defying elevation of house-price medians in both cities ­embarrasses analysts, academics and the apocalyptic, who have at various times gleefully predicted either a bubble and crash or a bubble and plateau. But Sydney’s sizzling property market proves them wrong every time.  (Quoted by Bernard Salt on 4th Mar)

Look at property market in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries, the hypothesis is “you’ll see tremendous property growth when there are Asian”.  The terms of Property Market is not only interpreted onto Real Estate selling, it is also applied on Property management. – Capital growth as well as secured income (asset ‘rich dad poor dad)

What do you know about Property management?

I’ve spent over 5 years on PM, people absolutely need this service. There are lack of professional would be able to explain or have an understanding of the Australian /Melbourne PM service market.  There are only limited no. of people in Melbourne are able to provide excellent service to investors.  Look at the market there are so many foreign investors in Australia, we are here to help them and educate them so that every decision they make are made with confidence and to provide them with excellent service.

Future plan?

We are securing a body corporate contract (known as strata management in Sydney) in a Joint Venture development Sydney. Looking into developments as well. My Motto is, “To become a market leader in Australia Property of the highest quality. “To Serve With Passion”. 

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