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Local dermatology clinic is first in all of Canada to offer revolutionary skin tightening treatment

Local dermatology clinic is first in all of Canada to offer revolutionary skin tightening treatment

Alberta, CA – The importance of skin care has gained prominence in today’s beauty sphere. Instead of hiding flaws under concealer and foundation, people are taking precautions to prevent flaws from appearing and treatments to make flaws vanish for healthier, younger-looking skin. Dermatologists give their patients their expert opinion on keeping skin glowing and healthy as well as providing helpful treatments and procedures to assist people in giving them their preferred aesthetic. Rao Dermatology is the first clinic in Canada to offer ThermiTight.

Rao Dermatology is a practice ran by Dr. Jaggi Rao, who completed his five-year training in the University of Alberta and then completed a fellowship at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California. His expertise and experience has won him many accolades and makes him extremely qualified for running a successful dermatology clinic. His practice offers a variety of treatments from simple skin care and massages to cosmetic procedures that involve injections and even surgery. They have chosen Skinceuticals to be their representative brand for Skincare and they provide a comprehensive list of their products.   

ThermiTight is a controlled subdermal tissue heating treatment used to tighten the skin of target areas. This is a non-surgical method to tighten problem areas of the skin such as tummy, neck, face, love handles, arms, and bra fat. During the ThermiTight application, a tiny probe is gently heats specific tissues to a therapeutic temperature that is selected by a physician. A gentle wrap is applied after the process and the patient’s day can continue with their normal day activities. The results are supposed to be immediate and are expected to improve over time.

Putting an emphasis on skin care is something everyone should consider. Going to a dermatologist can help patients determine if they have any skin conditions as well as treating problem acne and ensuring that their skin is healthy. Dermatology can also be used for cosmetic purposes if a patient wishes. For those interested in getting younger looking skin by tightening the skin in problem areas, consider thinking about the ThermiTight treatment as a safe, non-surgical procedure that is guaranteed to work. Those in the Edmonton area should contact Rao Dermatology for more information about ThermiTight and the other great skin care options they offer.

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