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Professional Property Management Services for Landlords

Professional Property Management Services for Landlords

Leicester, UK – Affitto Estate Agents is a company that is daring to be different from others in their field. They have perfected a model that puts the customers ahead of the profits and because of this thinking they are overcoming some of the biggest obstacles to obtaining business. And with their new professional property management services for landlords they are discovering new ways to put their beliefs into action.

Owning a home is time consuming work and it’s even more so when a homeowner doesn’t live in a house that they own. One way to profit from this house would be to take on a tenant, however, that may cause even more problems that the homeowner didn’t foresee. So, the way that they could benefit from having a tenant without the stress of management would be to hire a property manager. Landlords may not know where to turn to find someone they trust to manage their property and their tenant; however, Affitto is an estate agency that is changing that for landlords across town.

Affitto is offering their services to landlords which range from advertising and marketing a house, to fully managing the property and looking after the tenant. Affitto prides itself in offering what no other can. They put in the work and do everything from credit checks on potential tenants to regularly inspecting the property and seeing to the tenant once a month. All things a landlord would have to do if they were managing said property themselves, meaning Affitto is lessening the burden for them. But to take it one step further, they are also making sure the tenant is well taken care of and that both parties are happy. Affitto has also made it a priority to offer their management services at an affordable rate.

Affitto is a company that understands that putting the customer first will pay off in the end. Offering top-notch service for lower than average fees helps them attractthe landlords wanted so that they can help them run their property as smoothly as possible. They don’t try to deceive their clients or omit the reality of their relationship. They are a straightforward business offering an honest and solid service that no one else can beat, all of which landlords and tenants alike are bound to appreciate.

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Company Name: Affitto Estate Agents
Contact Person: Manjeet Hayre
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Phone: 08000437368
City: Leicester
Country: United Kingdom