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Introducing The RisQWatch, A Cutting-Edge Device Designed To Save Lives

Introducing The RisQWatch, A Cutting-Edge Device Designed To Save Lives

In the modern world, there are a variety of invisible threats that can affect anyone at any time. From fall injuries to heart attacks to physical assaults, no one can be sure that they are safe from disaster. Here to provide a much-needed layer of safety against possible disasters is a new product named the RisQWatch hitting the market later this year.

These days there are a variety of gruesome topics that never seem to leave the news. Among the list of topics include stories of physical assault, rape, robbery, and even unexpected medical events seem to constantly be on television or in the newspaper. As a result, it is hard for anyone to be sure that they are safe when they are on their own. Stories of students being kidnapped, elderly people suffering falls, and women being harassed are never too far out of reach. Today one hopeful couple aims to change that with their latest product by the name of the RisQWatch, an innovative solution to the current holes in personal security.

The RisQWatch itself is a piece of high-tech wearable technology that ensures that its wearer always has access to on-demand emergency assistance. The device is essentially a smartwatch that displays the time and is equipped with a microphone, camera, speaker, and panic button. Upon pressing the panic button, the wearer is immediately connected to a dedicated call center where the professional responders can assist the wearer in any way necessary. The panic button is meant to be activated should the wearer have any medical emergency or feel unsafe for any reason. To this end, the panic button can be activated via voice control in the case that the physical button is unable to be pressed.

Responders are able to send ambulances, contact the police, view the RisQWatch’s camera, talk to the watch’s wearer, read the wearer’s information on file, and forward the wearer’s location to the appropriate organizations. In this way, RisQWatch wearers are completely protected from a variety of threats. The RisQWatch can even be configured to alert the call center should the device leave certain boundaries or if a fall-triggered awareness call is not answered, adding an extra layer of safety to the device and its user.

To bring this innovative device to market across the world, the RisQWatch team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Through the campaign page, readers can pre-order their own RisQWatch at a massive discount. With this support, the team behind the RisQWatch is excited to be bringing an air of safety to people around the world.


To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page

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