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Kelsus IT – UK Leading Refurbished IT Equipment Supplier Helping Students Afford Personal Computers

Kelsus IT – UK Leading Refurbished IT Equipment Supplier Helping Students Afford Personal Computers

The company helps those that cannot afford to buy brand new IT Equipment to purchase used and refurbished computers at affordable prices.

At a time when students are struggling with student debt and being forced to take on extra work to help cope with the rising cost of going to university, one company has come to their rescue. Kelsus IT, a leading supplier of refurbished IT Equipment, has made available a wide range of personal computers including Laptops, Workstations, and Desktop PC’s.

The refurbished personal computers are the perfect option for students looking to make their student finance stretch that little further. The computers have been refurbished by experts and work as good as new ones do in the shops. The only difference between the refurbished computers and the ones available in the shops is the price.

A spokesman for Kelsus IT: “We pride ourselves in offering the best possible product at the best price available. Not only do we provide quality computers, but we also pass the saving onto the customer to make them even more affordable.”

More students are now turning to refurbished computers instead of buying brand new laptops, and it’s not only down to the great price. Many students are now concerned about the planet and how recycling can help reduce the problems caused to the atmosphere through excessive waste. By purchasing recycled computers, students are helping to make the world a greener place.

It is not just students who are turning to Kelsus IT, small businesses who care about the environment are also purchasing refurbished IT Equipment. Not only are they helping to improve air quality, and reducing their purchasing cost on IT Equipment, they are also improving their brand by showing their customers and potential customers that they are a Green company that cares about the world they live in.

To see some of the equipment available and their amazing prices, and learn how to become green through buying refurbished IT Equipment and the money that can be saved, please visit

About Kelsus IT

Kelsus IT is an online retailer specialising in providing a wide variety of IT equipment and accessories.  All their product ranges are held in stock, which means that they can supply products in a timely manner from their warehouses based in Croydon, London.

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